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    session expired due to inactivity while I was typing a message

    wishing4wind Contributor

      While composing a message I received a "session expired" message. I spent 30-40 minutes typing a response to a guest, including attaching the rental agreement, document with directions, suggestions for things to do with references to websites, including dates and pricing and this came up!

      I was typing the message, so obviously the system does not correctly detect inactivity.

      The next problem is that when you click "OK" or click on the 'X' it comes back, then you are completely unable to get back into your message. You have to close the browser and start over.


      I tried reporting it to CS but they determined it is not a problem. That's extremely poor, obviously there's a timer that times people out after a length of time and incorretly determines inactivity - and it should be corrected - I lost a big chunk of time for no good reason and CS is not at all interested in fixing this website error.




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