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    Issues with property "Views"

    moosebigd Active Contributor

      Can someone please explain to me how HA/VRBO calculates the number of property views a listing receives within the last 48 hours?  Within the past hour, my property was listed with 40 views...  10 minutes later it had 35 views...  10 minutes later, it was back up to 42 views!  I personally find that reporting the statistics within an hourly/daily window (e.g. "48 hours", "3 days ago") is very ambiguous.  I am interested in validity of this statistic because we have received 1 (yes, one!) inquiry since October and we were wondering if our property is actually being viewed.  With great apprehension, we have applied IB to see if that improves the situation.


      Also, is anyone else seeing "Great find!  This property is usually booked"?  Is there a set number of open dates on the property's calendar to qualify the property to receive this banner?

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          christinel New Member

          The "Great find! This property is usually booked" banner is on a number of my competitors listings who have almost no bookings/empty calendars.

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            scowol Active Contributor

            I think we can safely say this type of messaging is designed to help generate interest in your property and all properties by showing it's being looked at.  People want to book a place that is "popular" and that other travelers find appealing enough to look at.  Even if you were to get an specific answer (doubtful), the calculation used to determine it is likely constantly changing and wouldn't be valid by the time you got the answer.  So the A/B testing will continue indefinitely as there's never going to be a static feature in the world of online marketing.


            If you want to take the number to heart, then consider what might be making those 35-45 travelers look at your listing, then move on to others.  I spend hours and hours looking at my competitors listings, getting feedback from friends and co-workers about the listing and what they candidly think. I make sure that they include what I don't "want" to hear so that I can make changes that constantly increase the appeal and make people go "wow!" when they see the pics. The biggest, most material change for me was to get a professional photographer to take, what else, professional pictures that no iPhone or Galaxy can ever do.

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              u0999 Premier Contributor

              I would wholeheartedly ignore those numbers as merely a marketing ploy vs being actual data.