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    Guest added on extra day and is ignoring additional payment request

    scowol Active Contributor

      Hi All,


      I have a booking made last March 2018 for a guest that is staying February 24 through March 2 (7 nights).  These are returning guests who stayed a year ago and were great guests.  Two weeks ago they emailed me in a panic that they realized their flight was the day before their reservation, and asked to change their check in date to February 23.  They are fortunate that I had that one single date open (23rd) to allow them to check in. However, it's a same-day changeover, which I rarely do at my property.  Anyhow,  I replied to her email (via VRBO) to advise that I would need to send them an updated rental agreement (via SignNow), and that they would be receiving an additional payment invoice from VRBO for the additional amount $327 (rental night, plus tax plus pool heating).  I told them that they would need to give my housekeeper an extra hour after the normal check in time (4:00 instead of 3:00) since my housekeeper cannot guarantee a turnover in less time.


      The guest signed the updated rental agreement, so I updated the reservation dates in VRBO.  However, they are literally ignoring the additional payment request (see below).  (I know they are getting them because they paid all the other invoices sent via VRBO and we correspond through VRBO.


      Dear XXXXXXX  XXXXX,

      Your payment in the amount of $327.63 was due on Jan 3, 2019 and has not been received. If you have already made arrangements to pay the overdue amount, please disregard this notice.

      If you would like to keep your reservation, please use the button below to submit a payment. We recommend you contact the owner/manager for assistance and to confirm they have received your payment.

        This is an automated message.


      The guest received three emails from VRBO to pay (including the warning above), and I also sent a separate email from my personal account to say thanks for signing the rental agreement and that they would receive an invoice from VRBO.  Part of me suspects the guest thinks I should just toss in the extra night.  I say that because I told her that I don't rent on turnover days, so she knows it was never a revenue day in the first place.


      So my question for those of you who have had to deal with this type of guest is how you handle it?  The VRBO invoice message clearly spells out that they need to pay to keep their reservation. So not sure how else I can make it clear other than resending the same message over and over.

      I really don't want to make a federal case of this, and dread that I am potentially in a position to have to nag.  But $327 is not chump change.  There's probably no easy answer other than to just keep nagging for the money.... ugh.  I just don't want to create a contentious environment for a guest.