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    Problem with Rental Agreement (VRBO)

    dinamight Contributor

      On the House Rules page on the VRBO website there is no option to view the Rental Agreement.

      There is only an option to remove it! Or am I missing something? If not, that is really a basic website design 101 fail.


      What's worse is that there seems to be a problem with the process for uploading a RA file. I did it twice and somehow the wrong file got uploaded - which I then couldn't see unless I faked trying to reserve a stay at my place. It was only when I renamed the file to something completely different (Test.pdf) that the correct file got uploaded.


      I filled in the feedback form but I would appreciate it if Erinn could make sure something gets done about this. Thanks!

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          ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

          You are not missing anything.  You used to be able to click on your RA to see what it said, but no more.


          I upload my rental agreement to the Attachments area.  Then, I upload the same agreement to the RA area.  If I make a change to the agreement for any reason, I delete the RA on HA and from my attachments area. I refresh my computer (clear cookies and restart) and I wait an hour before I upload and "connect" the new agreement.  (If by chance I get a rental in that period, I can always send them the RA as I am not on IB).


          I "mark" my agreements with a file name code so that I know which one I am uploading and should be viewing.  I always make sure that the file name of my new RA is different from the previous RA file name. Unfortunately, when HA displays the rental agreement, it does not have the same name that I have put on the file, so I have no way of knowing which agreement is being sent to the guest.  I have sent feedback relative to this, but in the past 3 years, it has never changed.  So now I make sure that the code is on the first page of the agreement...and yes, I have pretended to be a guest so that I can verify that the updates have been put into effect.