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    Me, again with cancel questions

    calicalling Active Contributor

      I read on a different forum that HA/VRBO is now offering what so many of us have been asking for (and what ABB already provides) which is penalty-free cancels of IBs if a guest books against house rules (ie age requirement) and that this is documented in an updated policy in the help section. (I can't find documentation which is why I'm asking....)


      Is this true, community smarties,  homeaway_community_manager, anyone? And if so, can you please point me to the fine print?

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            calicalling Active Contributor

            Yay! I'm going to double check my policies to make sure they are accurangte and get back on IB. I dropped it when an underage group of partiers booked my place over the summer and (even with documentation that the guest was under the age required by my HOA) VRBO/HA would not support me in canceling.


            Good move, HA! Thank you, feibus !

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                ohst8er Premier Contributor

                To anyone following this thread.... 

                House Rules violation - A traveler has violated or says they cannot follow your House Rules and will not request a cancellation via their traveler account. House Rules must be set up on your listing under Rules & policies to be eligible. You are required to provide the following supporting documentation:

                • Email or text correspondence with the traveler indicating they cannot follow or have already violated your House Rules

                Keep your communication with travelers on platform to make it easy for you provide the necessary supporting documentation


                Emphasis mine...

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              calicalling Active Contributor

              As a quick follow up would love to hear anyone's actual experiences with this ... When I was told about the new 'penalty-free cancels' back in September by a CS agent, I told him I would wait to see the fine print about House Rules violations. Now that I'm seeing it in print, I'd like to know how well it is working in practice.


              Has anyone tried to get an administrative, penalty-free cancel for House Rules violation? How did it go? I did read a thread about an issue of non-payment and in that case HA/VRBO was not supportive of the owner .  . .  which does give me pause about returning to IB.