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    feedback - missing reviews & misleading payment info

    green_mango Active Contributor

      While logged out of VRBO, I was trying to compare service fees across sites and began the process to get a quote on my listing & ran into two problems: 


      1.  "This property doesn't have any reviews yet" - I have 36 reviews & this glitch is unacceptable.  On my mobile version I can see 25.  Today when I'm logged out and looking as a guest I can see 25.  When I'm logged in I can see all 36.  I don't care about caches and clearing cookies or whatever - a listing with 36 reviews should simply never display that message. 


      2.  My payments are set up to accept $500 upon booking with balance due 30 days in advance.  I have Alternative Payments and the payment due upon booking used to reflect both the service fee to VRBO + $500 to owner.  Instead the screen now says "Your 1st payment is only $141" (or whatever the service fee is at the time) + "Pay the rest by Feb 4, 2019" - this is 30 days prior to stay.  As a guest, I would think at time of booking I only pay $141 and pay the rest 30 days prior.  Apparently guests have to click on the small blue question mark in a circle which further explains that $500 is due to owner upon booking.  It's misleading and confusing.  CS said that if I click to proceed continue booking that it's more clear.  Well, that may be the case, but why confuse guests in the first place?