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    Yapstone no longer takes requests for Advanced Payments

    goislandtime New Member

      I finally signed up for HomeAway Payments in December (kicking and screaming).  I called VRP (spoke to 3 different reps) and asked to have advance payments.  All three told me that they are not longer taking requests to be put on advance payments and I would be notified by VRP if and when I was eligible.  I asked for specifics on the requirements and the reps stated that they could not give me that information.


      My question is does anyone have any more insight on the criteria for advanced payments or if there is anything else I can do to get "advanced payments"?  FYI I spoke to my account manager and she said she could not help me.  Also I have been with HomeAway (or one of the companies that they bought) since 2001 (as stated on my listing page) and I have a 4.9 rating.


      For 18 years I enjoyed excellent service from my preferred merchant account service and they paid me my money right after the card was charged.  Being forced to use a merchant service that keeps my money until the guest checks in is very discouraging.


      Thanks in advance.



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          yosemitevalleyview Contributor

          I had a lot of questions for both VRBO and Yapstone prior to turning on HA Payments in December.  I received completely different answers from each.  Yapstone told me I automatically qualify for advance payments when I have 10 bookings with 5 star reviews.  VRBO told me it's automatic after 6 months if you have no chargebacks.  Later when a VRBO rep called me to help me sign up for HA Payments he was not sure what the current criteria were.


          If you just signed up you may also experience the same thing that I did which is you don't get paid until after the guest checks out or after 30 days, whichever is later.  I had last minute guests for New Year's Eve.  I was excited to be able to finally accept credit cards and take these last minute bookings.  I later saw on my payments screen that I won't be paid until January 24?!?!  At no point during the sign up  process was this called out to me although I'm sure it was it must have been in the fine print.  I'm also confused about the use of the terms "earned" "payment" and "disbursed."  If the payment was received on 12/31 and I don't receive the cash until January 24 which year will it be on a 1099?


          Overall I got a pleasantly good vibe from both VRBO and Yapstone.   I bumped up my rates to cover the CC fees and it hasn't seemed to affect bookings.  At this point I'm just waiting for my first deposit to see how this plays out.  Hopefully no more surprises.

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              twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

              I Don’t receive a 1099 from HA. However,I spoke to my accountant and he said that you just had to be consistent from year to year as to whether to report based on occupancy without payment, or wait until the payment is actually received. Fortunately, I havent had to deal with this, I thought I might this past December when occupancy started yet payment had not yet been received. Well, it finally came in prior to year end.


              You may want to just chat with your accountant as to what works best for your situation.

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              hmmmm Senior Contributor

              I would feel concerned with a payment processing company who did not release your funds immediately after they were processed.

              Why do they need to hold them? 
              That is an important question to consider.


              PayPal releases my funds in mostly one day.  They compare names and addresses and I can see who actually paid.
              I can only use it for my personally business since the changes were made.

              But I have felt very financially more secure for the last 12 years using PayPal's business accounting.

              I am beating the drum again for choices and or changes in the processing platform

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                grant570 Active Contributor

                I don't know what anyone else experienced, but between the time I first signed up and the time I was notified I have been upgraded to advance pay, it was over 3 years....   I never asked to be upgraded, but it certainly preferable to waiting until after checkout....  I only ever get bookings for June through September, so maybe it took longer for me due to long periods on inactivity...