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    Action required: updates to French regulations

    homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

      The below email was sent to all affected partners on 12/21/18:




      Beginning January 1, your property must meet additional requirements to comply with French regulations.

      Dear Erinn,

      The French authorities have requested us to implement changes to how you list your property on VRBO to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

      Maximum number of nights rented
      One of those changes is a 120-night limit for properties considered as primary homes. French authorities have asked vacation rental platforms like VRBO to enforce this rule in some cities.

      If you have a primary home and you book more than 120 days, we'll send you a notification and block your calendar for the remainder of the year.

      We are required to enforce the rule to any property declared as, or that might be, a primary home.

      Navigate to the Registration link in the Description tab of your property editor to answer a few questions as soon as possible so we can confirm if this applies to you.

      Go to your property editor

      If your city requires a registration number, you must add it to your listing. This will avoid incurring fines and penalties, such as being delisted from the VRBO platform.

      Lodging Taxes
      VRBO will be required to collect and remit lodging taxes for all bookings paid through HomeAway Payments in the French jurisdictions in which we do not yet collect and remit these taxes. For most jurisdictions this will take effect January 1.

      We will communicate your property's status via your dashboard and Tax Settings as soon as this applies to your listing.

      We will continue to keep you informed through your dashboard as we are able to confirm which changes are applicable to you.

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      Team VRBO




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