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    Nest thermostat customer service

    twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

      I Know that we have all talked about our favorite thermostats and mine continues to be the NEST.


      However, yesterday my new (primary residence) nest was giving me a delay response and would shut off after just a few seconds. It had been working fine for a couple of weeks but now not. Fortunately, we have a wood stove to provide heat until the problem was resolved 65 degrees inside when the problem started, outside below freezing.


      After talking with the original customer service tech and taking photos of the nest message on the thermostat he was unable to ascertain the problem and had to refer me to his supervisor. His supervisor, Mary talked with me about the issues and then wanted to to work with trouble shooting the issue, which meant playing with the wires. I did a couple of things and then basically told her that I was not comfortable touching wires, even with the breaker off. She understood completely. She then asked me if there was someone else that could work through the issue, I told her my husband but that he wouldn’t be home tilll 4:30pm. Mary said I can call you back then (YES, SHE IS GOING TO CALL ME!!!). Then my hubby says can’t make it till 5:30, so I e-mail Mary and ask if she can wait till 5:30pm to call......She says YES!!


      Now, I am so excited to have someone in CS treat me in such an AMAZING manner.


      5:30pm comes Mary calls and my husband in on his work phone with an issue, she waits patiently and then spends the next 30-40 minutes walking him through the trouble shooting and wiring and it is now FIXED!!! Mary at NEST CS worked above and beyond what anyone CS person normally would do.


      Why am I sharing all this........because don’t we all want to work with companies that love their customers......it’s not just about the product but about their abiility to provide the support when things do go right.


      NEST AND MARY are how customer service should always be!!!