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    Homeowners insurance - Does anyone use "Proper" insurance? How are you insured?

    mvphawaiicondo Contributor

      I'm sure we all have homeowners insurance.  I have Allstate and pay about $250 per year for my condo.  Recently I inquired to Proper insurance as recommended by Homeaway.  The initial quote was over $2000 per year but we got it down to $1000 per year.  This made me call Allstate to find out what my coverage entailed.  I found out that I am not adequately insured for a vacation rental.  We are a beach location and since we provide paddle boards and boogie boards, Proper tells me that if anyone were to get hurt or even die while using my stuff, I am covered by going with them.  They tell me that there is no other insurance that will cover my guests while they are off premises.  I was just wondering if there are any insurance "experts" out there or anyone who knows the ins and outs of what one should have for coverage for a VRBO.  Thanks