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    Looking for info on Rental Agreements

    brenkert08 New Member

      I am new to this; we rent our 2 bedroom small condo on occasion. I see a lot of people require a signed rental agreement. Do people have generic RAs that I could use? Otherwise, where have you found them? I am also beginning to require a government-issued ID; we were burned recently: 4 night rental left our home trashed and then did a chargeback. Very disconcerting.


      TIA for any tips/suggestions for this newbie!

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          harrytammie Contributor

          I made a template agreement that I use for all guests whether booked here or thru somewhere else. When booked thru here I don't fill in all dollar breakdown. I just reference financials on vrbo. I send it via a doc u sign account. Its easy for guests to fill out and we both get an encrypted copy.

          I started asking for a cc and ID regardless where booked, but I'm getting some resistance from some travelers and theres a whole lot of discussion about it on the facebook Airbnb guest blacklist page.

          Choice is yours.


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            feibus CommunityAmbassador

            Lots of discussions of rental agreements on the site already...


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            Top 8 things you should include in your rental agreement

            I was told I should have a Renters Agreement. Can someone please tell me how to go about getting this in place? Thanks


            Short answer: get a real estate atty in the location where your home is located and get them to provide you a template to mark up and make your own.  Then get them to proof the results.


            There are also a number of discussions about how to head off chargebacks and the steps you need to take to make it happen.  An RA is one step, but there are others.  Search box is upper-right on the page.  Lots of great info out here.

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              margaret CommunityAmbassador

              RA should be area specific due to the fact that laws vary from area to area. You can search the websites of property managers in your area, many have their RA on their site and they should be in line with the area laws. You can also have an attorney create a RA specific to your property. I have read many discussions about guest not wanting to provide information to book but it has not been my experience over the past 9 years, I rarely get any pushback from guests.

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                ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

                Where are your rentals located?  Are you in the same state?  If possible, contact a local real estate attorney or realtor and ask if they have a form or can point you to a location for a generic short term/vacation rental form.

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                  hmmmm Senior Contributor

                  I would add that you must think of all the possibilities, mine is very detailed.  After 30 years in the business vacationers have taught me what I need to cover.

                  Also mantatory.... Last page must include all names of ages of guests.  You need to know who is in your rental at all times.  Guests are there for their own interest.


                  Reason:  Only guests listed on your "agreement" may occupy the home.  Its your fall back.

                  And should there be a emergency such as fire, etc... you will need to provide your information to the first responders to they know who to look for.


                  Its your home, your property, your responsibility your liability.  Think, think, think, then include, include, include.

                  My rental agreement, saved me this summer from the renters from hell.


                  Its the first time I had to call the agreement to back me up, but it did its work.


                  Attorneys, may try to set you up like a "tenant" situation, but remember these are guests not tenants and do not have tenant rights.

                  So use an attorney, but craft it to be a guest agreement.  Think sort of hotel...sort of.


                  Good luck and search the internet far and wide, you will be surprised the great ideas you will see, then add them, and take to an attorney to legally and correctly incorporate them into your needs.

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                    stanmac New Member

                    How are you communicating the email address and phone number of your guests?  It encrypts it.

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                        feibus CommunityAmbassador

                        Once the booking is complete, the hiding of phones/emails should be off.  If it's not and you have examples, please report to CS.

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                          harrytammie Contributor

                          When a guest is booked I get a notification in my email

                          FRom that email I print the entire reservation. It’s a different read than what is on reservation page

                          Then I go to the reservation and write the email and phone number in the reservation print out

                          I then use that info to send via doc u sign and agreement. I tell guest that within 30 days ( when paid in full) I will email a parking pass and then I program guest phone into my phone and text them access codes to lock box. If they cancel, which rarely happens, I delete access code from lock box.