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    fake inquirys?

    funfla22 Contributor

      getting inquirys  thru   homeway uk      non verified!  in fact zero info other than dates wanted  

      we respond with a quote   then   later in the day   we get  from a company  asking us to quit vrbo and list  with them   

      as this will increase our booking!!!   

        perhaps the time as come  for vrbo to make the person inquiring  have filled out details and have determined  that they are real   !!!

        paypal    does this     so does ebay   

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          green_mango Active Contributor

          Just reply and mark as spam.  VRBO doesn't have an interface setup to determine if people are real - all that's needed is an email address.

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            crcasablanca Contributor

            I agree.  VRBO / Homeaway should take more responsibility and implement procedures to verify the identity of the guests they are referring to us.  Especially since there is no verification or fraud protection in the credit card process they have selected for us and force us to use.  In addition to the companies you mention, Air BnB does this.

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              treeguy Contributor

              I received a similar inquiry yesterday, also listed as coming from homeaway.uk.  It was a one word inquiry with only the word inquiry in the body.  I responded as I do with any inquiry I think is questionable.  I send a quote and ask that they book using the 'book it now' function on the website.  Usually that is the end of it.  On the occasion I get a reply it usually something about not be able to use a credit card for any number of reasons.  At that point I mark the conversation as spam and move on.

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                u0999 Premier Contributor

                where did you get an idea that inquiries were ever "verified" or filtered in any way?? Anyone with an email address can send an inquiry. This is not new.

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                  bbello121 New Member

                  Here is the best part, when you get these crappy, fake, scam emails, if you don't reply to them, VRBO will ding your ranking.  So you have to reply to these bot messages that you get or the scammers telling you they will send you a money order with some extra money in it because they like me and they spell out their phone number.  VRBO is awesome in that aspect of dinging your ranking because you don't respond to them.  Then when you point out there was no reason to respond, they say well you never know if it was real.  Ok, so they are looking to subvert the VRBO system, I should still talk to them.  Amazing.

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                      ohst8er Premier Contributor

                      Just respond to all of them.  Even a simple "not thanks" or "not interested" or even "spam" or "scam" works as a reply.  And if they reach back again there is no reason to acknowledge.   I know it's frustrating, but just doing a simple reply and moving on will save you plenty of wear and tear.