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    A traveler filter you can LOVE! ❤️

    ohst8er Premier Contributor

      So, you know me, I'm always poking around stuff to ferret out changes, tweaks and nuances that have been added lately to the traveler's view.  Here's today's new tidbit.  A traveler filter that DOESN'T punish those of us with lots of amazing 5 star reviews, and a tiny handful of 4 stars.


      We've discussed this stuff before, and it makes me a crazy person that, when a traveler SEARCHES (not filters) by Guest Rating, a listing with FOUR 5 star reviews comes before someone with 100 5 star reviews and ONE four star.  And, when you dig further, a listing with 25 5 star reviews and 1 four star review still comes before MY listing of 91 5 star reviews and 4 4 star reviews.  I don't know if that will EVER change, though it should. 


      But I digress.   I found THIS today... (see screen shot below).  What's good about this is ROUNDING.   Yes, you heard it.  So my 91 5 stars and 4 4 stars ROUNDS UP TO 5, and when I click Exceptional!  5/5, my listing shows.   That's super good news!   Now if we could only get the search by Guest Rating thing fixed!!


      Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 3.02.05 PM.png