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    Vacation Rental Safety Essentials

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      We know that vacation rental safety is a topic that concerns everyone.  Safety is everyone's concern, from vacation rental owners to travelers.

      We've written an article and posted it in the Discovery Hub, to help you learn more about what you can do to make your vacation rental as safe as possible, here's an excerpt:

      Millions of HomeAway travelers stay in homes like yours every year. They bring their loved ones and furry friends to spend their vacation together all over the world. We’re committed to a safe experience for travelers, and we take pride in the dedication you show every day to ensure  that travelers truly enjoy their time in homes booked on HomeAway.


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      What are you doing to help insure traveler safety in your home?  Please share your ideas in the comments. Thanks!


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          ohst8er Premier Contributor

          When I was in kindergarten our home had a gas leak.  This was before they "odorized" natural gas.  I was the first to go down (I'm still the canary in the coal mine!), passed out right at my mom's feet, then my younger brother, then my mom.   Fortunately my dad realized there was a problem and quickly got us to the neighbor's house, then we all were transported to the hospital.  I'll never forget being wheeled out into the cold night air, the entire neighborhood out, fire trucks, three ambulances, lights blazing.  They think my mom had installed the filter to the furnace incorrectly.  They said if we had gone to bed that night, we would not have woken up, mom, dad, three little kids and the dog.  Just like that. 


          I'm always the first to smell the sulfur when there's a gas leak, and I ALWAYS alert someone.  You just never know when you might be saving a life. 


          Don't EVER think it can't happen to you.  I'm LIVING proof, but we were lucky.  Put the CO detectors in your home and your VR, or if you are like us, with electric only, click on the CO box on your listing and then type, "no carbon dioxide detectors needed, there is no gas on our property."  Better that than someone assume that you neglected to take care of this.  Just a little PSA from someone who's been there. 

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              harborfields Active Contributor

              In my state, licensed lodging providers are required by state law to have CO detectors regardless of whether there is a potential source of CO in the unit. The reasoning I was given was that CO could come in from outside (vehicles, grills, etc...).

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                  ohst8er Premier Contributor

                  harborfields I’m sure that’s for properties with attached garages, or properties with gas grills.  Our parking lots at our condo complex are open air, and NO grills are allowed.


                  Common causes of CO emissions in homes:


                  • Clothes dryers
                  • Water heaters
                  • Furnaces or boilers
                  • Fireplaces, both gas and wood burning
                  • Gas stoves and ovens
                  • Motor vehicles
                  • Grills, generators, power tools, lawn equipment
                  • Wood stoves
                  • Tobacco smoke