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    Share a story about your favorite traveler!

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      Hello Everyone,

      This forum is dedicated to building a community of vacation rental owners and managers across North America and beyond that support and inspire each other by sharing expertise, posing questions and exchanging experiences.

      We want to hear your story! Tell us about your favorite traveler! What happened that made them so memorable? Are you friends now? Do they come back every year? Can't wait to hear your stories!

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          twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

          Gosh...we share when we have a difficult one, but when they are good we just move on don’t we?


          I have so many amazing guests, like the ones this last Thanksgiving.....I let them stay in my VR while my husband and I traveled to my Son’s for Thanksgiving, they were visiting their 99 year old mom (I know wow). Anyway, when we got back the house was so clean, nothing out of place, all dishes washed and put away, sink wiped clean, carpet vacuumed, towels all washed. The only indication that they had even been there was the unmade bed!!


          I can’t begin to tell you how that makes me feel about renting out our second home. Those that really appreciate it are what makes me stay in year after year. AND; I know that my cleaning lady appreciates guests like this so that when she has a difficult one to clean up after she just remembers the easy ones that she has done with so many of guests being truly gracious and treating my home with the utmost of care.


          What more could an owner ask for????

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              calicalling Active Contributor

              That's kindof like asking me to choose my favorite child. So I'll mention a couple of recent favorites.


              The extended family who gathered to spread the ashes of her father, a long time fixture/good citizen/etc of my town. Her review said (in part), "My family [gathered to celebrate my dad and] laughed from the beginning to the end here, because we felt comfortable and welcomed to do so. The beds are warm, the sunshine through the windows in heaven on Earth. Lifetime memories were made possible because we had a weekend house filled with love!"


              The 9 months pregnant woman who stayed with me during a utility issue (Town snowplow destroyed the pipe providing propane to everyone on our side of the mountain) during a snowstorm. When asked if she needed me to find alternate accommodation for her she said, "We still have a microwave to boil water and your towels are clean enough to catch a baby. We can snuggle for warmth.... How do you think I got myself knocked up to begin with...."

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              floridarob Active Contributor

              We got into this business because we wanted to be part of helping others create wonderful memories of their time in Florida.


              We have a family of four who have stayed in our home five times over the last nine years. On their last stay, they shared with us how their two little girls were SO excited to be once again going to stay in their Florida home.


              THEIR Florida home...  We love that!

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                margaret CommunityAmbassador

                I have quite a few great guests, picking just one as a favorite would be hard. I truly appreciate all of my repeat guests who return time after time over the years.


                Whenever we have the threat of a hurricane in our area, I have many past guests who text or email me saying they are thinking of us and keeping us in their prayers.


                One guest who stayed at one of our places is a friend of our neighbor, my neighbor mentioned to them that my mother had passed and they sent me beautiful flowers with a lovely note. I was truly touched by this gesture.


                Once we had a burst pipe, although I moved the current guest to another property, they insisted on staying all day and helping the staff clean up the water. My housekeeper told me about it later. They were staying for a month and stopped by to send me pictures of the repair work being done every couple of days during their stay. They also left a great 5 star review never mentioning the flood or that they had to be moved for the last 2 weeks of their stay.


                I have had so many wonderful guests over the years it is way too hard to pick just one!

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                    homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

                    LOL vrdoctor! Oh my.  Are you sure you're in the right business? Hehe!  Come on, play along, tell us about your favorite guests!



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                        vrdoctor Senior Contributor

                        Sorry, couldn't resist and opportunity to throw in a grumpy cat meme!


                        Probably our favorite guest ever was a renter with triplet boys.  She wrote an awesome review but then reached out and told us that she had extra snow boots that her boys had outgrown.  She offered and we accepted her extra snow boots as our kids were a few years younger than hers.  She brought over seven pair of new snow boots still in the box in a variety of sizes.  We were shocked at her generosity and our kids finally outgrew the last pair of boots five years later!


                        We have many other guests who have rented year after year and now consider our cabin a family tradition.  The best part of renting is when people send us family photos of their vacation in the mountains.

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                      linkybo Contributor

                      It's amazing how different guests can be. From trashing your house to going above and beyond what you'd expect from a guest.

                      I have one family who has stayed with us several times and two of our toilet flush chains broke the morning of their arrival. So I told them I was going to drive there and fix them and sorry for the intrusion and they said no, they'd fix them! They stopped on their way and bought 5 toilet flush chains and replaced the chains in all 3 toilets and left me two spares.

                      Guests who do house maintenance? Amazing!