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    chargeback update

    dinamight Contributor

      As some of you may recall, we had a chargeback earlier this year.


      A summary:

      - guest arrived at our house for a 4-day stay

      - she decided to leave after 1 night because her child was "paranoid"

      - she asked for her money back for the remaining 3 days, we said sorry we can't do that (as we had no way of booking those days)

      - she left us the Review From Hell

      - 3 months later she issued a chargeback against us for approximately the amount for 3 days, reason was "Felt area unsafe for children"


      The good news is, we won! We were expecting to lose the first round and have to go a second round with her credit card company under the usual threat of a $200-$500 payment on top of the money we already lost out on, but no - we won straight away in the first round. I must admit, Homeaway did try to help us a bit. Now that they stand to lose their service fee they seem to be a bit keener on helping owners win chargeback cases.


      It may seem like this was an open-and-shut case but you really have no idea how it will go. It took up a huge amount of time and energy.


      I encourage everyone to fight these frivolous chargebacks that are plaguing the industry.