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    My tips for getting your listing ready for peak season!

    ohst8er Premier Contributor

      So like the title says, these are MY TIPS.  I tend to dog my listing regularly, so I've gotten pretty good at staying ahead of the pack in my area.  Prime booking season is coming, and just like getting flower beds ready for spring planting, I want to make sure my listing is ready for spring/summer booking!  Here's what I do, and it's pretty much in this order:


      Edit my Property:


      If you haven't look at the section under edit my property titled safety features or amenities recently, you need to do so.  There have been some changes there, and you want to make sure you have all your ducks in a row!  And remember, you do not offer complimentary WIFI, you offer FREE WIFI, or you won't be searchable for WIFI!


      Check out your description, is it up to date?  Your pictures?  How do they look?  I always keep my thumbnail, but I shuffle my other pics around a bit, and sometimes swap out "views" of my condo, just to freshen things up.  Pictures should be EXACTLY as your place looks now. 


      Rates:  Are your rates up to date and ready for busy season?   I have my rates set for till Mid Aug, 2020, way further than I need to, but since I have the new rates editor it's easy to make a change. 


      Heading.  I change mine every few months, sometimes based on the season, sometimes just based on a "feeling."  Don't waste your 80 character limit telling people you have 3 bedrooms, it's already shown there.  


      Once you've dug thru your listing and made sure it looks great, do a search of your property using filters.  I've mentioned this in a few other threads, but you would be shocked and surprised at how many listings aren't searchable because they don't have the proper filters selected.  We are on Hilton Head Island. I have no idea how many people actually click Air Conditioning as a filter, but I guarantee no one wants to stay in SC in the summer and not have AC.  Yet many of my competitors don't have AC clicked on their end as an amenity.   That's not good.    Here's how I do my search.  I do a search for South Forest Beach, Hilton Head Island, then I click to search by 3 bedrooms only.  I still have over 300 listings to choose from.  So I click the first filter that applies to me (ONLY CLICK FILTERS THAT APPLY TO YOUR LISTING.  If you click grill and you don't have one, of course you won't show up).  , then the second, then the third, etc, until I finally see that 300+ number change.  Once it gets to say, 200, that's a more manageable number to look at.  Am I showing up?  Yes.  Ok then, click another filter.  Did the number of listings drop below 200?  No, then click another filter.  Now did it drop?  Yes, now it's at 180.  Ok, so some of my comps fell off.  But did I?  If no, then keep going.  If yes, then bingo...you have an issue you need to resolve.


      Once you've looked at your listing, cleaned it up, changed your heading, shuffled some pictures or added some new ones, once you feel you are ready for Prime Time, email it to your friends and ask them to click at it and look at it, encourage them to send it to their friends, post it on FB, your own page and any local pages, etc.  Lookies help move you up in the rankings. 


      I also have a "theory."  It's panned out so many times that I feel it actually works.  As I get into our busy season, as our weeks start to book up, I go into the new rates editor and tweak my rates.  July has only 1 week left?  I bump that rate up a bit.  May has a 5 day hole I'd love to close, and we are close in?  I adjust those rates down a bit.  About 78% of the time I've gotten a booking from those adjustments.  Not necessarily that week, but some week.  Of course it only works if people are looking at your area right now.  If you do it during a time period where No one is really looking (November for us), then it's kind of a waste.    Maybe it's just dumb luck that this has panned out so many times, but dumb luck is better than no luck at all!


      Good luck!