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    Florida taxes are all screwed up

    jeffford Contributor

      Homeaway is not collecting local tax for distribution back to us to pay AS THEY SAID THEY WOULD.


      Homeway is collecting only the 6% Florida sales tax and the 1% (Nassau co) discretionary tax.  There is no way for us to add the 5% local tax on the tax management page.


      Homeaway has effectively put all of our properties on sale effective 12/1.  Now all Florida vacations booked through their platform costs 5% less than they did 2 last week.


      Here was the BRILLIANT suggestion received from Customer Service.  "We suggest you send an additional payment request for the local tax until we can fix this"


      How about you guys do the following:


      1.  Nobody goes home until you fix this.

      1.  Send us the tax you should have collected and take it our of your service fee.


      No, the fact that there are 2 number 1's is not a mistake.  If you feel the need to send an additional payment request the it should come from HomeAway along with a carefully worded explanation and apology. 


      I hope this is not going to take 11 days to get a response like the last time we all had Florida tax question.


      HA, you have really stepped in it this time.