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    How to reconcile Homeaway payments with your bank deposits?

    hangalen7 Contributor

      Below is my convoluted way of matching guest payments to the deposits in my bank account. If anyone has a better way please share because this seems absurdly complicated!

      1. go to HA calendar, pick guest that you want to confirm

      2. Scroll on list of reservations on the right to find the guest name, then open

      3. Use the date of the reservation to guess what email might have their deposit in it (usually a few days after checkout).

      4. search gmail inbox for "home away direct deposit details" they should all load in chronological order

      5. Start opening emails around their check in date to find the one with their name in it, their deposit amount and the date of deposit.

      6. Log in to bank website to Confirm deposit into bank (there are often multiple deposits for the same amount, bundled deposits.

      7. record in google sheets spreadsheet. "rental earnings" mark paid

      8. If you have a deposit in the bank account from homeaway and can’t match it to a guest it means they cancelled (a cancelled reservation disappears from your calendar but the messages remain - search their name in the inbox in HA. If that doesn’t work Vacation Payment/yapstone can give you the reference ID, use that to search HA’s inbox.

      9. Sometimes, rarely,  vacation rent payments don’t send an email. If you can’t find an email for a guest then...

      Email homeawaypayments@yapstone.com

      And ask them to send the spreadsheets that will show both the guests name and the deposit amount. There is one for withdrawals and one for deposits to your bank account. The number farthest to the right is the actual deposit amount.

      When Vacation rent payments bundles two guest payments on the same email the cc processing fees are wrong. To know the actual amount of each deposit look for the credit card processing fee that is highest (that will be the one with the incorrect amount). Take the other total, subtract the fees, then subtract it from the grand total to get the actual amount of the other payment.

      Vacation rent payments will bundle deposits as well. Add up adjacent deposits to try to match the bundled deposit amount, that will tell you which two deposits are bundled.

      There is no way to determine how Homeaway calculates the deposit amount for a reservation. The only way to know how much Homeaway is depositing for a reservation is through the email you get from Vacation Rent Payment (unless it doesn’t come).

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          ohst8er Premier Contributor

          Ever since HA/VRBO began withholding the security deposit rather than depositing it in the owner's account, that "Payable to you" Button has been incorrect.   I called them about it and was told that since the money is "payable to you" in the event there is damage, that's why it's included there.  Yea, wrong headed, boneheaded, whatever.   But, VRBO is a booking platform, not an accounting platform, and as such, I NEVER EVER count on the accting info they provide to be accurate.   My husband has always maintained his own spreadsheet. 


          I loosely followed your instructions above.  Seems it would just be easier to:

          print those Yapstone payment emails as they come, or

          screen shot them and give each screen shot the appropriate name/date of the traveler, or

          create a smart mailbox labeled customerservice@vacationrentpayment.com so that ALL the Yapstone emails are in one place when you need to reference them.


          My husband has his own system, whatever it is, but I know he does not ever rely on the spreadsheets or documentations that HA provides, and I would advise everyone who uses VRBO/HA to create your own spreadsheet and keep track of your own data.