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    Has something changed in what we can put as far as "contact info" in Description?

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      A competitor in my market has 6 listings with VRBO in which she freely gives her Facebook page for her rentals, her website address, her full name and phone number on one listing and varioius other contact info (phone number) on the others.   In fact, the description says "call me".  Additionally, she has listed her one house 3 separate times with 3 different vrbo listings.  It's the same house.  The house is 3 floors.  She will rent one story, 2 stories or the whole house and has 3 separate listings.  So essentially she is listing the same house 3 times. She refers to the other listings she has in the description as well.    Not sure exactly how long this has been going on but I believe it's been a while.  Also, I suspect she may be telling HA she is a Property manager in order to be able to give more contact info.  I had a "chat" with customer service and they didn't seem too concerned.  THey told me basically they couldn't do much and just to give feedback.  How is this possible that the homeowner can do this so flagrantly? So is it now OK to do this?  LIke myself, she is a premium partner.  Perhaps I am missing any contact detail changes that have occurred?  How can she have 6 listings and this isn't caught? 



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