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    Interesting chargeback - opinions please!

    dinamight Contributor

      My neighbor has a vacation rental on Homeaway and received a booking a few weeks ago - 3 adults for 6 nights.

      The name on the booking is (let's say)  "Bill Rogers" and it says his hometown is Boston.


      Two days before the start of the booking, a chargeback is issued due to "fraud".


      He took a careful look at the booking and the associated phone number is in Florida, but when he called it they claimed to be in Massachusetts and knew nothing of a chargeback.


      He wrote to the associated email and the response was linked to a different name, and he also said to know nothing of a chargeback.


      I strongly suspect this is fraud. The problem is, the neighbor will now lose the money he would've earned. If someone fraudulently uses a credit card at a restaurant then the restaurant does not have to pay back the money, as far as I know. Why should a VRBO owner? It's not his fault that the credit card company has lax security and doesn't check the identity of the credit card user.


      The booking starts tomorrow, the person has now issued a cancellation request. I think they know the jig is up.