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    HomeAway to remit CHICAGO taxes - ERRORS!!

    jfriedkin Active Contributor

      Just received an email informing me that beginning Dec 1 2018, HA will begin remitting Chicago accommodation tax.


      When I called HA to discuss the potential problems of this the answers were NOT very clear.


      I understand that the City of Chicago wants everyone to pay their fair share of tax when due and the very best way to enforce this is to put the burden on HA and ABB.  This way the city gets what coming.


      However, in the City of Chicago, accommodation tax is calculated differently depending of the type of license you have.  It appears that HA will be taxing all revenue the same regardless of license type.  Which means some of us will be paying a significantly higher tax rate.


      As most of the owners rent on multiple Channels/Platforms. Some of these Channels/Platforms do collect tax, and most do NOT.  Some of us also have our own website that we generate a fair amount of revenue from, and we collect and remit the tax collected.


      HomeAway has NOT been able to show me how they are going to report to ME the amount of revenue taxed on the monthly basis, and also give me enough time to complete my own monthly tax return for the "other" revenue I have collected from other Channels/Platforms.