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    Threatened by bad review from guest

    tlh13 New Member

      I recently had guests stay for a week. A couple days prior to leaving he contacted me with a list of complaints. Knife in knife block had cracked handle (I keep plenty extra in the drawer) small plastic (disposable) bowl had a crack in it, bottom dishwasher had a small leak (I contacted repair man to come upon checkout since the upper dishwasher was fine) a doorknob needed WD40 (I thanked him for that knowledge an explained with the salty air we regularly give WD40 a workout) They HAD to go out and buy glassware because I dont provide any! We have a variety of beachy plastic wine glasses and 3 sizes and types of drinking plastic glasses. I explained we purposely don't provide glass so there's no chance something could get broken in the hot tub, our tiki bar or on our beach. Meanwhile he asked if they could do a late checkout. If no one is coming the same day I'm more than happy to do that (I never charge for it) however I told him....as a "thank you" for the details you shared I'd be happy to com our $75.00 late check out fee. Smelling his desire for further compensation I even told him I didnt have guests coming till the next day so I could reschedule my housekeeper and they were welcome to stay an extra night. Throw a dog a bone ya know! He declined because they had a flight scheduled. When my polite response didnt include other financial compensation, the next day he ramped it up saying he didnt feel the towels seemed "fresh". Everything was cleaned the day prior to their arrival and our guests often compliment how fresh and clean our house is. Their (signed) guest agreement says the damage deposit will be returned within 14 days of checkout. Sometimes I can send it the same day but I'm out of the country and my housekeeper wasnt due to go to the house for a week. Once she did and all was well it was dropped it in the mail since I left it on my desk (at my home, not rental of course) before I left assuming all would be good. The next day, day 8 after they left he left a voicemail around noon just asking me to give him a call when I had time. I was out all day but when I returned I saw another message was left around 3;00 and he sent an email as well. Email was somewhat threatening saying he'd left MULTIPLE messages with no response and he hadnt gotten his refund yet. He finished with "it's not looking good for you". Really! Before penning a polite response reminding him of the 14 day timeline and FYI it's already in the mail to you....I stopped to listen to his 2nd voicemail. It wasnt from him, but his wife and she went full tilt boogie off the rails threatening me with a bad review for holding their money and the horrible time they had at our beach house. All of my reviews are 5 star and amazing yet I'm really no concerned about whats no doubt coming. I'm sure many have had a similar issue. I'll politely respond accordingly and have no doubt they'll throw in god knows what else in the way of complaints to make it seem credible. But this prompts a question I'm hoping someone here can answer. For some reason I cant get a call out to VRBO from where I am for the next 2 weeks. Once I respond, no doubt refuting their BS, can they go back and amend their review to try and ramp it up more to be vindictive??? In my humorous minds eye I'm thinking my response will come out to be something throwing mud on their face but in a completely polite way...somehow lol. I dont know what they'll be writing yet so it's hard to come up with a solid, polite plan yet. For some reason I see this as a game to them as well as of course an attempt at extortion. Thats why I kind of foresee them not dropping it after I respond. Especially if I manage to knock it out of the ballpark rendering their review as BS.

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          margaret CommunityAmbassador

          No they cannot respond to your response. If they leave a bad review respond in a professional manner, your response is for the benefit of future renters, not this guest.

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            ohst8er Premier Contributor

            Hi tlh13, so long as they don't attempt to issue a chargeback (not that they have any reason to, but there are plenty on here that will attest that it sometimes happens), then I would just go on about your merry way UNTIL they do post a review. If they reach out to you again, respond, ALWAYS, politely, calmly, and IN WRITING.  


            Once you get that "assumed" bad review, feel free to post it here. We have a crack team of community members that are pretty skilled at writing responses.  And yes, to what margaret said.   Your response is always written to your FUTURE guests.  Most people care way less about what a guest was complaining about, and way MORE about how you handled said complaint.


            Sorry to hear you dealing with this.