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    Influencing Vacation Rental Regulations

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      We know that vacation rental regulation is a topic that concerns everyone. While it might not be affecting your area yet, it's still something that should be top of mind.

      We've written an article and posted it in the Discovery Hub, to help you learn more about what you can do, here's an excerpt:

      Influence local policy and protect the viability of vacation rentals. 

      Today more than ever, the vacation-rental industry is under a legislative microscope. Whether you live in a big city or a beach destination, you can protect your business by engaging in the political discussion. Below we’ll look at five ways you can get involved in your community to build a sustainable vacation-rental marketplace.


      Continue reading here.


      What are you doing to help insure fair vacation rental regulations in your area?  Please share links to your local groups below. Thanks!


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          hawaiiparadise Contributor

          Hi Erinn,


          These ideas are quite good, and great to hear HA has staff ready to help.


          May I suggest some additional steps which may go a long way to turning this tide?


          - Review the steps required of owners/PM's to establish their rental activity is allowed locally.  In my view HA shouldn't become the "rental police" for localities, but some minimum requirement, such as providing tax ID's in not already required) and maybe zoning, now seems in order.    As an example of the current gap, there is a community near us which offers 300+ STR's on HA.   Very, very few are legit.   In our area this drives the residents - and now their politicians - nuts.


          - Re-consider the drive to make booking an STR as much like booking a hotel room as possible.  IMO this has been a significant factor in enabling the problems which gave rise to the anti-VR movement.   Hotels (at least in our area) have large 24/7 security staff, and if a guest is in a public area (even a pool/spa), they are on camera.  Our STRs simply don't have anything close to similar to "maintain the peace", so problems quickly leak out into the community.   Residents seem just tired of it.   In the "good old days" the connection between the owner/PM and guest tended to keep things inline much better.