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    Urgent Notice - HomeAway Standard Control Procedures

    ladysoc Contributor

      I received an email today with this as the title. It seems spam-ish to me, so I reported to HomeAway. Do we agree this is spam?




      Dear Owner/Manager,


      As you have recently noticed, we have updated our Privacy Policy due to the recent implementation of the new data protection rules (GDPR).

      Due to these changes, we now require further approvals from your part, in order to keep your listing(s) live and to update your information.

      To do so, we need to receive the following from you, within 10 working days.


      Please supply us with the following:


      1. A copy of your Credit/Debit Card front and back, used to pay for the listing(s). In the event that your credit card has expired, please provide a copy of the card that you will use for your upcoming renewal.


      Failure to send the required information in time, will lead to your listing(s) being removed from the site, as it will suggest that you are not agreeing with the new Privacy Policy.


      Please make sure that all information is clear and legible.

      You may attach scanned copies of this information by replying to this message(bobby@homeawyhelp.com).


      You can read more on the new data protection rules (GDPR), here: https://eugdpr.org/


      We look forward to hearing back from you soon. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reply to this message.


      Best Regards,

      Bobby K. Delagarza


      Trust & Security Specialist

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