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    San Diego City Council voted to recind the STVR ban - But don't cheer yet

    hmmmm Senior Contributor

      Thanks to many reasonable hard working owners and managers along with HomeAway's help and other platforms working to help us, the ban was recinded.


      San Diego City Council, minutes ago, voted to repeal their vote in lieu of putting it on the 2020 ballet.
      Feelings were that would not pass on a ballet.  In a straw poll, the majority of residents were in favor or property owners rights.


      So, the council will once again craft, with out input by both sides of the people it will effect, a new ordinance.

      This will be done behind closed doors with no transparency.


      I would think, due to the overwhelming success of the votes gathered to put put it on a ballet, that the city would see, that it needs

      to share in the crafting of the new ordinance with both sides of the issue.

      The City Council is comprised as is our local town council in Mission Beach, of people biased against, STVRs with no balance in approaching a reasonable solution.

      Again wish us luck.