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    Toilet Brush for every Toilet in small condo?

    planthealth Active Contributor

      Now that our second hurricane of the year should be hitting my condos in N. Myrtle Beach, I have a really important question about my 2 bedroom beach condo. Beach condos are small relative to what MOST people in the US live in, bathroom floor space is limited. My cleaner does not/will not periodically clean the case of the toilet brush or plunger so when I get to the condo about every 6 weeks to clean/restock, I am always cleaning the film of dust off each.I cant buy a nice one because the beach rusts everything, so it is plastic. Periodically I have to buy new ones as the brush discolors etc. When we clean/mop we, like our cleaner, have to put it up, mop, let floor dry, put it down. It is "just one more thing" in that endless list of things to do to make the place ready for rental.


      Bottom line, do I really need one for each of my two bathrooms in a condo where 99% of my guests stay 7 or less days. For those who MIGHT need/want to scrub the toilet, I would have one in the larger of the two bathrooms. Seems silly to worry about this kind of stuff, I just want to provide what makes sense.I WILL have a plunger in a case in each bathroom.