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    Photo Captions

    ohst8er Premier Contributor

      Thanks for posting this!  One thing in particular stands out though....  Maximize the Impact of your Photo Captions


      Will VRBO EVER put the captions back, Erinn homeaway_community_manager?

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          homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

          Hi ohst8er,


          The captions are there! Perhaps not in the format you'd prefer, but they are there! Your feedback about them appearing in the smaller images and not just when you click on pictures has been shared. Thanks!



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              ohst8er Premier Contributor

              Yes, I KNOW the captions "are there," except not really.  The site has been designed so that pictures can just be clicked or swiped.  They also have been designed so that the photo qualities are good enough that you do not need to enlarge.  These are both great enhancements, however they now basically eliminate the need to EVER click on the photos.   We were encouraged to put pictures of things to do in the area.  I have photos of the beach, lovely views of the beach, etc.  If people only swipe the photos and have no words to read it leaves the mistaken impression that I'm on the beach.  The photo captions used to show up on the photos, now they do not, and no one can really give us a reason as to WHY.   The "did you know" Maximize the Impact of your Photo Captions link above, which was originally written in 2009 is irrelevant now that VRBO feels that the captions are not that important.  

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                linky17 Active Contributor

                Well, heck.  I've just spent 20 minutes digitally (and politely : ) *RE-describing* bedrooms vis-à-vis baths, the layout of my home -- and -- its nearness to the restaurants, stadia, et cetera that are promised in my header and photographically appear (in 'flow' order, no less) within my listing.  I'd tuned-out that *VRBO has buried my relevant, carefully crafted captions.*


                And why the caption/descriptive funeral?  What's to be gained by hiding said detail?  Why unnecessarily 'string' folks along -- who might be accustomed to immediacy -- by invoking (a too long A/B test?) possibly The Dumbest Barrier Ever that might serve only to cast suspicion by the 'seeming absence' of the most basic of info?  If there's one thing that that we know: folks don't r-e-a-d.


                Probably?  They look at photos.  (And, while I'm at it: for an enterprise that claims nearly/more than a million properties?  Why, still, am I subject (on VRBO) to the static image of a seeming beachfront property with a solitary soul moping away from the water?)


                Yes, descriptions can appear in 'property' narrative, should be inventoried in 'amenities,' and likely are routinely referenced by past Guests in 'reviews.'  But why-o-why-o-why-o strip a photo of its relevant, embedded caption?  Absent even the modern (I) tag > there's no value to posting the now-allowed 50-some photos given the absence of the obvious inclusion of context.


                Thank you, ohst8er, for posting and persisting.