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    New Chart for Market Maker-Like It! Some Questions.

    susaninrehoboth Premier Contributor

      I like the look of the new design of market maker. I like the info given, such as average price of booked and unbooked properties in my competitive set. I never bothered to change my competitive set to what I know is truly comparative.  I am going to make my market set as close to comparative as possible.


      Interesting that 92% of available properties are booked with the per night of cost of booked properties being $315 and unbooked $312. Not much difference but shows people will pay more for what they want.


      I'm at 30% for minimum stay searches for last 30 days. I'm fine with that since I'm rented weekly through 9/23.


      I'd like HA to show a comparison for number of bookings for last 365 days vs previous last 365 days going back at least 5 years. Then HA should pay attention! I believe the comparison will show that the number of bookings through HA decreases each year for a lot of properties.


      Is rent potential based on potential of dollars through HA bookings? My dollar amount is the same as when the metric started. It's about 40% less than my actual rent dollars.


      Number of searches in last 30 days for my area is not relevant because HA  expands my area to places that travelers probably don't want to stay when they look in my area. Is it possible to show # of searches within my zip code? That would be a lot more relevant. Is it possible to show number of searches for Rehoboth Beach that ended with travelers booking in a different town and/or  state. Per HA, my relevant area includes parts of 3 states.