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    Nine tips for being the best HomeAway host

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      Hello Everyone!


      We wrote up a list of nine tips to help you be an awesome host!  Check out the article here.



      What would you add to this list?





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          twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

          *I think it is important to have the yard and curb appeal be the best it can be.

          *I think it is important to inform guests in advance of any issues that may have come to my attention prior to their arrival (such as my garbage disposal not working correctly)

          *I think it is very important for guests to understand why you have a maximum occupancy, not just wear and tear, but more comfortable for neighbors who go to work every morning and don’t want to hear large groups of people coming and going all hours of the day and night.


          It isn’t just about how things “look” although probably very important, it is about a mutual understanding between owner and guest.


          (I still have over occupancy issues with those thinking that their situation isn’t an issue because it isn’t a party )