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    Home Away Assure CBIZ Insurance: Major Deal Breaker

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      I am very excited to see that Home Away is offering Insurance for Vacation Rentals, however, if your Vacation Rental is also your primary residence, then you will have major problems switching over to Home Away Assure.


      When you switch from Allstate, Farmers, State Farm, etc you take away from them your primary residence and therefore they are unable to also insure another property you own, perhaps another vacation home, cabin, etc.  If they don't have your primary residence, then they cannot offer other insurance to you.


      Also, the price you pay for car insurance, boat insurance, etc. will increase as you are not giving them all of your properties to insure.


      Most important, you are unable to get an umbrella policy to cover everything you own under one umbrella.


      First of all, if your vacation rental is your primary residence, then you MUST have a commercial policy--I don't care what any agent tells you, you are not covered!  You are not covered!


      I don't believe there are many VRs in a primary residence, so this will not apply to most, but this is a major deal breaker with Assure if you live in the VR.

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            Several people on this site that live in there home and rent out a portion to tourists, short-term guests. Absolutely no problems switching from a traditional Homeowners policy to  Commercial policy (CBIZ). Coverage is actually better and your covered in the event anybody slips or injures themselves on your property.  You can obtain a separate umbrella policy (if you need one) CBIZ policy covers up to 1 million within the commercial policy. How much does one need?  I would rather lose my multi car discount than get sued from a slip-fall on my property/unit. Commercial policy covers the entire house, contents and downstairs unit.  My regular car insurance wont get canceled and I will surely pay a little more in insurance...  Its called  Piece of mind....