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    What kind of sheets (Cal King) do you use?

    mvphawaiicondo Contributor

      I love Target brand Threshold "performance sheets" or Target brand Threshold "ultra soft" sheets.  If you haven't tried them, you owe it to yourself to do so.  They have elastic in two places on the same fitted sheet, one for thinner mattresses and another for deep mattresses so they fit any size mattress.  They are the best!  Target, however, stopped carrying Cal King sheets.  I'm even having a hard time finding Cal King at Ross or TJMaxx.  Could I get them at Bed Bath and Beyond?  Yes, if I want to spend $100, but I don't.  You all know how quickly we can all go through sheets with the stains and all that people do to them.  Target sheets were about $50 when they had Cal King and worth it.  Does anyone have a reasonably priced Cal King Sheet they can recommend?  Thank you.

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          scowol Active Contributor

          I can only say that I learned years ago that I it was foolish to buy sheets at a retail store.  Hotels don't buy retail sheets, so I wondered why I was needlessly throwing away money on overpriced sheets designed for a home.  $50 for a sheet set sounds appalling to me now!


          I buy hospitality sheets from a hotel supplier, and couldn't be happier.  Here's why:


          • They are a fraction of the cost
          • They wear better and thus last longer
          • They are designed to be bleached to stay white, and can withstand spot bleaching to get stains out
          • They auto-adjust to shallow or deep pocket mattresses
          • There's no guessing if the folded sheets are King, Cal King, Queen, Twin or Twin XL because the footer has a faint thread that is color coded by industry standard. I showed this to my housekeeper and she was blown away that she didn't have to search around the sheet endlessly for the size tag.
          • And my favorite part.... they DON'T wrinkle because they are made of a blend.  Before I knew this secret, I was ironing the pillow cases.


          And if you're still skeptical, take the word from Consumer Reports that high thread count is marketing, which fooled all of us into thinking the higher the thread count the better.  Per Consumer Reports, it's a "marketing gotcha" that most consumers continue to be fooled by.  Bedding Sheet Tread Count Test @ Consumer Reports News


          I have been using 180 and 200 thread count.  My guests literally write about them in the guest book and reviews, and email me asking where to buy them.


          I'm not pushing any brand or reseller, so just google for "hospitality sheets" and you'll be introduced to a whole new world of running your VR...

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              mvphawaiicondo Contributor

              Wow!  Thank you for that!  I'll look in to it.  Hotels generally don't use fitted sheets.  They use a flat sheet and tuck it in around the mattress.  But it sounds like you found hospitality sheets that are fitted.  Also, My Cal King sheets are ivory and not white.  I'll check into it though as it sounds like a great way to save money and get a good quality sheet.  I'd love to know which hotel supplier you use if you wouldn't mind sharing.