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    The traveling groups I thought would be good are my worst

    scowol Active Contributor

      I thought I'd share my experience with groups of travelers that I thought would be great guests--but are now on my avoid list.  In the past year I've had three completed guest stays from travelers who described themselves as a "Mom's getaway" a "Girlfriends getaway" and a "Moms & Daughters retreat."  These are the actual terms used in the inquiries/booking requests from the guests, and they all described how they were looking to simply relax by the pool.   I originally thought how sweet the travelers would be and that they would ideal guests. After three experiences (the last group just checked out yesterday) I can say these types went from being what I thought was ideal to dreaded...


      • Emergency Roto-rooter call (at night, after hours of course) to unclog the house plumbing from 27 feminine hygiene products that were flushed down the toilet (Roto-rooter sent me a picture, which I didn't care to see, but glad it was a clog and not a plumbing issue).  $475 for the after-hours emergency call.
      • Pillow cases and top edges of sheets and comforters had make-up/cosmetics stains (from the numerous bottles of leftover hard alcohol found in the fridge and my Z-wave event log showing that they entered the house nightly after midnight, they were plastered and went straight to bed in their clothes).
      • The nicely rolled up towels in the baskets labeled "make-up" were not used, and instead the white hand towels and white wash clothes were all stained with make-up
      • The white bath towels even had make-up stains.  Apparently taking a shower wasn't enough to remove the make-up?
      • A bundle of firewood (the kind you buy at a supermarket) was placed in the outdoor gas fire pit that has glass rocks. Of course the firewood was burned.   An open bottle of charcoal lighter fluid was nearby. Apparently they didn't know that a gas fire pit does not require firewood and charcoal lighter.
      • But wait, there's more related to this..  A bag of Kingsford charcoal was by the gas BBQ.  It was opened, but I didn't see that they poured any charcoal in.
      • The acrylic poolside plastic cups (safe for pool use because they are not glass) were melted.  They microwaved them.  Yes, I have a professional label that says the cups in that cupboard that says the pool cups are not microwave safe.
      • One of the guests who stained the linens sent us an email to let us know that her "mom noticed some minor small dot stains on her pillow case."  They told us that they thought we may want to know as the house was impeccably clean and that we may want to replace it for the next guests.   We offered to have the housekeeper deliver brand new pillow cases, but they declined and said her mom was able to use the washer and wash the pillow case.  (Oh, the irony...)
      • The automatic in-ground jetted spa went into an automatic failsafe shutdown mode at 11 pm (we can view the event logs via the internet).  The guests pushed the on/off button to start the spa 30 times within a timespan of three minutes.  There is a placard below the start button that says "Important - Delay autostart.  Push button only once.  Spa will start in 60 seconds."   We also have this highlighted in the guest manual.
      • Waffle iron was put back into the pantry filled with raw batter.  Apparently they decided to go out for breakfast and abandoned making waffles?
      • They texted to complain that there was not a silverware basket for the dishwasher.  We told them to pull out the silverware tray that is above the upper rack.
      • They were locked out at 3:00 a.m. due to too many incorrect codes input into the Schlage keyless door lock. They called sounding a bit inebriated and we reminded them that, to make it easy to remember, their personal door code is their cell phone number.  She had forgotten her phone number.
      • The solar shade in the living room was lowered so far that the shade had been detached from the roller bar (accomplishing this requires rolling the shade down to the floor and then continuing to unroll it with the cord another 2 feet).
      • The guests started a load of laundry--how thoughtful!  But, the housekeeper found the new front load washing machine was struggling to spin because it was stuffed with the sheets from all 3 beds plus 12 towels.  The housekeeper had to take sopping wet towels out and put them into the shower stalls, which got the washer to start spinning and finish.  Oh, it is worth mentioning that no laundry detergent was used (we provide mini bottle of Gain liquid detergent that provides 5 loads that we got from a speciality provider). The bottle was sealed and full.


      Anyhow, I thought I'd share my experience. It was therapeutic to write this all out!


      P.S.  It was helpful "therapy" to know I am not alone per this other thread from a similar "Bad Mom's getaway":

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          ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

          Whenever I book a 'girl's weekend', my housekeeper puts two additional husky trash cans, pre-lined with heavy duty bags, in the sun porch for the bottles.


          Years ago, I got a phone call from a girl's weekend group complaining that my wine bottle opener was broken and the spare was nowhere to be found.  My housekeeper had her husband run two corkscrew openers up to the house. While there, he took a picture of my kitchen island...which is 6 x 4 feet.  It was edge to edge bottles. He called me and asked me to block out the departure day plus 1 so his wife would have another day to clean. You can't make this stuff up.

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            scottr Active Contributor

            Groups of unrelated people are always the worst guests, in my experience.

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              Oh, scowol, thanks so much for sharing this! This made me feel so much better! We are so much less experienced at the VR game than you, and we had a girls' weekend last year that was perfectly respectable. Of course, it was a lady plus some of her inlaws, and her sister, I think, so a totally different dynamic. As the author of yesterdays "Bad Moms" post, I will definitely have my radar up about any girls' getaway weekends from now on!


              At least, I've gotten smart enough to get the names of all people in the guest party on the rental contract. I have identified all 6 of the "bad moms" who were in my house last weekend, and NONE of them will ever be allowed back in my house. Not even for a family vacay with their clueless hubby and their sweet-faced little children. No way, no how. Don't even ask, sister. It's not happening.

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                vrdoctor Senior Contributor

                My favorite NOPE inquiry ever came from a girl scout troop, that wanted to rent our cabin during peak season for a significant discount, for two adults and 12 girls (14 total).  Our maximum occupancy is 8 with a max of up to four adults and a max of four children.  We were already nearly fully booked for the season so it was an easy "sorry, not available".

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                  bhorsnround Contributor

                  My cottage is mainly rented by fishermen (men); the women who have rented the cottage are slobs.  The fishermen are so neat and clean it is like they have never been there.  I am so embarrassed that women are so disrespectful.  I was sharing my feelings about the women renting and  a women told me I don't like renting homes because I have to pick up after myself.


                  I said I would not enjoy my self if I didn't pick up after myself