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    It says I respond within 2 days but it's wrong. Location is STILL wrong after 2 phone calls to VRBO help in another country.

    familyfirst Contributor


      On one of my listings is says I respond within two days! That is incorrect. There was someone soliciting me for other types of business, but another service...that is not a renter! And emails back and forth with the same potential renter should not be included in the response time.


      I also called VRBO twice and spoke with two reps who said they changed my locations to the correct ones....still not done and it's been multiple days since they were supposed to do it. It's way beyond the 24 hours. Let me say that are NOT American's who I am speaking with. These are reps in some other country. How do I get an American, IN America to talk with? Just awful.

      Thank you.