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    Low to High filter

    garcar14 New Member

      When the list by "low to high" filter is applied, properties are listed with their basic nightly rate as the only determinant without taking into account charges/fees that can vary widely from property to property (some include cleaning, some don't, some might include damage deposits, some don't, some have additional management company fees, some don't etc.).  Now I notice that in smaller print,  below the basic nightly rate on the "preview" page, is a total cost number that includes fees/taxes - this would seem a step in the right direction so that vacationers can, at a glance, compare total cost while still on the "preview" page. However, since the "low to high" filter only uses the basic nightly rate as the determinant for placement, vacationers still don't receive a true side by side "low to high" comparison - wouldn't it be better to have the "low to high" listed by total cost rather than basic nightly rate?

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          beartractsmatt Contributor

          I agree with this. I posted something similar 2 days ago. It isnt getting approved for some reason. People are using this to game the system by having a really low nightly rate and then adding on huge admin fees or "added guest" fees. Its pretty frustrating when you are trying to do honest business.