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    nth+1 MarketRanking Question

    surgerygalore Contributor


      the original thread did not allow me to post the conclusion of the process started with the thread, not sure why, so here iis my last contribution to it:


      hello hill, hi erinn, greetings & salutations everyone


      call w nadja, thks erinn, somewhat surreal at times for both of us i am sure, yet relaxing, thks nadja

      * she confirmed HA supervisors to be very occupied beings, contrary to clients must be the inference if the conclusion is that calls are initiated at the discretion of the supervisor, even for escalations not requested by the caller - so question answered but problem unsolved

      * property now appears on searches, contrary to  what emmanuel, also a supervisor of the sort had stated a couple of days ago - he had told me he would escalate to Production - the threat only of that must have sufficed for the listing seemingly now behaves

      * market ranking and relevance of shared metrics parameters remain unanswered - a bit of poetry in the probability and statistics world actually not such a bad thing - no more climbing ladders there i assume (scala = ladder in latin, hence escalation)


      my original question in this thread converted itself to Assumed Answered - not responsible for the conversion, i expect/hope no one will ask me what the answer is

      we all know the saying, very common and lethal in certain activities, "if you assume something you make an first-three-letters-of-the-word of yourself"


      Again, thks erinn and nadja, ohst and hill, for their contribution and insight

      best to y'all, sorry for typos not (really well) proofread

      happy sailing in a starry sky

      over and out