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    If you show me YOUR (city center), I'll show you mine! ;)

    ohst8er Premier Contributor

      Ok, I actually find this kind of amusing.  MY VR is on a coastal island.  People come to us for sand, surf, beach, fun!  The closer you are to the beach, the better you are listing wise. 


      So WHERE is our "city center" in this tiny, 12 mile coastal island?  Well, if you guessed "Beaufort County Animal Control" you were correct!! 


      I had no idea that was where the action is in my community!  Here, see for yourself!  Or, better yet, go to google maps, type in Beaufort County Animal Control, Hilton Head, then drop that little yellow man on the location.  You will see that this bustling hub is right on a tree lined freeway.  Literally.Trees.Line.The freeway.  There is nothing else as far as the eye can see.  


      Ok, your turn, where is YOUR city center! 


      Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 3.28.33 PM.png