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    Tell Me About Yourself

    ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

      I have now received at least three BIN bookings in the last week with no information about the travelers.  Where a note is usually found, there are the words "Reservation Request".  Dear Guest, I am not a hotel.  I would like to know why you want to rent my home.  I would like to know if you are grandma with two grown kids and an infant.  I would like to know if you are 3 couples who travel annually together to fun places.  Are you here to hike and go white water rafting?  Or are you here to celebrate an engagement/girls weekend and are going to be drinking copiously?  Will you be bringing a cute little yappy dog or a Great Dane?


      Yes, I will probably accept your rental until I see what you have put on the RA and how you have responded to my 'inquiring minds' email.  If you tell me nothing, you may not have a booking at my home.

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          ifield Contributor

          This would all be sorted if HA/VRBO used a proper booking/reservation form at the outset - ask the number and names of all guests with ages below 16 or 18. The response I've seen in another thread somewhere is that it would deter people booking or requesting to book. Total rubbish!! Have you tried booking airplane tickets without giving names and detailed information? Would it deter you? Absolutely NOT!!


          HA/VRBO (no doubt due to their masters Expedia) are trying to use a reservation system that's suitable for hotel / theater / restaurant reservations (or bookings - you choose the terminology) rather than vacation rentals that are governed by numerous State and Govt regulations as well as the actual preferences/desires of US the property owners.

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            planthealth Active Contributor

            I agree. When we got the phone # we could look up maybe where they are from, or when we could see their prior reviews see if they have stayed in the area before. Now we get no pre-booking vetting. I would probably accept 99% of them, but still discourage the kids during spring break, that is what makes us so nervous.

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              moosebigd Active Contributor

              We just had a BIN a couple of days ago (YEAH!!!) and the information the potential guest provided simply stated that they were taking their annual family vacation.   There were 3 choices for us to use to respond to the BIN...  "Accept" or "Decline", which I am familiar with or "Reply to Guest", which I do not recall seeing as an option for a BIN in the past.  I know this is an option for an Inquiry, but I did not think it was included for a BIN.  (Maybe I have overlooked it because I've been panicked by the timer clicking away my response time second by second!)  Anyway... could the option "Reply to Guest" allow us to contact our potential guest to retrieve more information about them if what they have provided is lacking (and it usually is)?  I know phone numbers and email addresses will not be revealed, but perhaps we can get a better feel for the character of a potential guest and maybe even find out where they live so we can conduct a background search before the clock runs out and we hit "Accept".

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                  margaret CommunityAmbassador

                  You have always been able to reply to the BIN before accepting. The way the system currently works it is a waste of time. Since you don't have their name or any personal info it would be difficult to vet them. I suppose you could ask the purpose of their trip, have they been to the area before, etc. Even if you get enough info to vet them, declining will ding you in the metrics. It is recommended to accept, vet, then make the guests initiate a cancellation if it is not going to be a good fit.

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                  scowol Active Contributor

                  I provided this feedback a few months ago...  


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