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    Comp set.. there are still 3, even after they addressed the bug....

    ohst8er Premier Contributor

      HI homeaway_community_manager, Erinn, it appears some changes were made to comp set to address the "bug", however I wanted to alert you to the fact that there are still THREE comp sets, when there should only be 1. 


      There's the comp set in MM--mine shows 54.. and I can add and delete in comps there

      There's the comp set in Ranking metrics--mine shows 56, and I can REMOVE but not ADD comps

      Then there's the comp set that you can toggle back and forth between in Ranking metrics..where it says "your market" and "your comp set"  The "your comp set" shows 64 properties, and I CANNOT change that in any way.  Yesterday when you and I discussed this in a PM I told you I had 91 in this category, so there has been some changing and tweaking by someone (not me), but still there are THREE comp sets, when there should only be ONE.


      So, since we have three comp sets, I still don't have confidence in MM and which comps are being used to provide data for that metric.  Can you check on this one again please?  Thanks!