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    Issue with inquiry that doesn't request a specific date for reservation

    moosebigd Active Contributor

      We recently received an inquiry from OwnersDirect.co.uk that had flexible dates for an inquiry but requested specific dates within the written message, if available.  If not, the potential guest was open for us to provide him with alternate choices.  Our inbox showed his request was for flexible dates but directly under that was a message that said "Dates Unavailable".  I sent him a custom reply stating that the dates he wanted were in deed available and he should contact us through the VRBO website.  When we got confirmation in our Yahoo account that the reply was sent, the heading showed "I'm sorry.  My property is not available." and then went into the custom reply I had sent.  I called CS and they assured us that this heading was not visible to the potential guest and he received only the reply.  After a few days I sent the potential guest another reply indicating that our property was still available, but this time I changed the wording of the default reply, and sent it through the default message hoping that I could eliminate the heading that says my property is not available.  It was still there and shows up in our inbox as the beginning of the message sent.  Haven't heard back from the guy.  Has anyone else experienced this situation with an inquiry that lacks specific dates?  Is an auto reply sent that the property is unavailable?