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    The BBQ Bucket

    homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

      Hey everyone!

      Did you know outdoor grills are one of the most searched-for amenities on HomeAway? With this week's Above & Beyond tip, you can make their outdoor meal amazing.


      Do you provide anything special for your outdoor grilling space?


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          captmarkhd Senior Contributor

          Great ideas! Man ever since moving to the West Coast I can't find good BBQ, they don't even know what a hush puppy is ! Texans KNOW how to BBQ, IMHO, the BEST in the WORLD!!!! I'm going to try her rub the next time I grill!

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            green_mango Active Contributor

            Only thing extra we have for our grill is a spare (full) propane tank - don't want anyone to run out of gas.  We also have a nice set of grill tools and grill cleaning stuff to make things easy

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              bobbie32 Premier Contributor

              We provide charcoal briquets plus lighter fluid and matches.  We also have a fire extinguisher near the stone BBQ unit.  We used to provide a chimney, but most people don’t know how to use the chimney so got rid of it - mistakes by guests happen!  We clean the BBQ grill everyday for our guests, so we are the only ones allowed to use the ash bucket.  BTW, a CLEAN grill is the most important thing to offer.  We also provide a BBQ glove and BBQ tools, which includes a wire brush for cleaning. We also provide a metal basket for grilling vegetables and of course aluminum foil.  We do not provide an apron, although people have indeed asked for one and we do have one available for use.

              We do not provide BBQ sauce, since that is the number one item left behind by guests.  It seems that guests have their own favorite sauce!

              I might also add that since we are in California, most of our guests drink wine, not beer!  In fact, many guests will bring a case of wine after they have visited the wine country.  We are not beer drinkers either, so beer that gets left behind gets tossed