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    I need a remote change code keyless entry lock that has a manual and not motorized deadbolt. Suggestions?

    gds Contributor

      I've considered the Schlage locks but not sure if there is a manual lock/unlock of deadbolt. I think current models are only motorized lock and unlock. My main concern is that house will be in cold temperatures and worried that would cause the battery to drain more quickly causing a malfunction in locking/unlocking in extreme weather. I also would like to change the code remotely. We already have batteries that drain more quickly in our ring cameras in the winter time so assuming it would be an issue for locks too.


      We already have a Schlage keyless entry that has manual turn of deadbolt but it does not have remote capability. Works fine but for the other house I would like to be able to change the code for each guest.


      Any recommendations? Thanks.