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    Petty Complaint about Popups and Advertising on Dashboard

    ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

      Erinn and anyone else....


      My computer (all browsers) is set up to remove all cookies, passwords, history, and any other settings that may occur during a day on the internet.  My IP Address is also set up to renew each day when I turn my computer on.  This is my preference, and I am not going to change what is a 15 year habit (due to knowledge from my previous employment).


      I am therefor truly annoyed by the pop ups that I have to slog through every time I open up the HA website.  How long am I going to be seeing NEW CALENDAR!


      Also, the advertising that is on the Dashboard is annoying and slows down my navigation.  Leave your advertising and other popups, popunders and other garbaaaage on the Marketplace Feed which I can choose to ignore. I don't care if that page loads slowly.  I am on the dashboard to WORK, and it is hard enough with things moving here and there and everywhere without dealing with advertising and popups.  I gave up trying to keep my spouse updated on how the dashboard works.  Stop making my life more difficult.


      My question - besides sending feedback (which quite honestly only Erinn seems to respond to) how do I stop this nonsense?  Thank you!