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    Looking for an e-sign program

    ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

      I recently retired from my real-world job, and as a result, lost access to the in-house e-sign program I was permitted to use.  I need suggestions as to what software to purchase for "home" use going forward with an eye to keeping the costs down.  My requirements:


      1.  Ability to create and send upwards of 20 contracts per month.  Format is either a form fill locked MS Word document or form fill PDF.

      2.  Ability to have multiple signature and initial locations within a 5 page contract.  Not just bottom of the page.

      3.  Ability for signer to add information into certain proscribed areas (list of guests).

      4.  Ability to have the document locked but accessible/printable by both parties once signed.

      5.  Both desktop and mobile app (for those millennials that only use their phones).

      6.  Must be legally accepted.


      My ballpark cost would be $120 per year. The issue that I have with some of the less expensive programs is the monthly contract limits - some months are very busy with multiple bookings for the remainder of the year, whereas other months are virtually dead due to no longer having open dates.


      My contract consists of an information page where I enter the guest information, payment breakdown, contract dates and other details.  The guest is required to initial this page indicating that the information is correct.  There are 4 follow-on pages where the guest has to initial next to certain information blocks (use of hot tub, smoking, number of daytime guests, etc.).  The final page contains the required legalese and the final signature block by the person who is paying for the rental as well as the entry blocks for the names of all guests that will be overnighting in the VR.


      Your suggestions would be appreciated.

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          feibus CommunityAmbassador

          Take SignNow for a test drive.

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              laurie_l Contributor

              feibus... you seem fairly savvy with your listing. I'm interested in using one of the e-sign programs. Perhaps this is a silly question, but I'm assuming you need to email a guest away from the HA website in order to have them sign, correct? Thanks!

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              timthek Active Contributor

              I use DocuSign. I get it as part of my membership in a local REALTOR association, but it is available for $25/mo.

              I know that is over your budget but it will do everything you are looking for. Sorry, I don't know much about the other options.

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                db.meyer Senior Contributor

                I have read recommendations for HelloSign. Pricing is $13/month for unlimited documents/month.


                Pricing | HelloSign

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                  sunnycs CommunityAmbassador

                  I've been using SignNow for almost 2 years and it does everything you require.  I fill out my part in Word, save as a PDF and upload to SignNow.  It takes a little time to customize each agreement with the initial/date/signature/text blocks, but once you've done a few, it definitely goes faster.  I was able to get a 2 year subscription dirt cheap, but the cost now is $60 per year with no limits on documents. 


                  Things I like:

                  • being able to customize the text blocks with my wording (emergency contact, mailing address, guest names, etc)
                  • SignNow's archive  -  I created a filing system since I have 2 properties (it makes a convenient backup)
                  • being able to customize the invitation to the signer (I remind them about the Photo ID requirement)
                  • easy-peasy for the signer
                  • I've only had 2 guests not want to use it - they were able to print the agreement and proceed otherwise
                  • a free trial is available...   I was hooked on the first go-round


                  The so-so:

                  • It's better (for me anyway) to use a mouse to enter the text blocks
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                      sun-surf-sand New Member

                      Do you require only the main renter to sign/inital your agreement with SignNow, or other adult occupants, too?

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                        oceangrover Contributor

                        sunnycs I'm going to try SignNow on your very enthusiastic recommendation.  Quick question:  I have a blank space on my RA for the Resp Party to list names and ages of all guests.  I'm having trouble figuring out the tools to do this on SignNow.  Is there a tutorial on uploading and editing documents?  I can't seem to see one and thought you  might be able to point me in the right direction. 


                        I only have about 15 rentals per season, so I'm on the fence about using and eSignature service.  I also require a drivers license and there's a Township form they have to fill out, so I'm still stuck with emailing scans of documents back and forth. 


                        Any thought would be very welcome.



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                            feibus CommunityAmbassador

                            I've been on SignNow for two years and here's what I figured out:


                            If you leave the guest anything more than to initial or affix a signature, they'll screw it up somehow.  The only text fields I initially put in my agreements already filled in were the guests' names below their signature boxes... and they'd screw up and edit those fields for some reason, screwing up the contract.


                            So what I do is first is send the guest a rental party form, a PDF file that has a fillable form (I created it with Adobe Acrobat Pro, but there are other cheaper programs that can do similar).  They can use free Acrobat Reader on everything from a phone to a desktop computer and fill in the form, save the file, e-mail the saved file back.  Or print it and take a picture of it...  Either way, I get the info first, fill in all the details on the agreement before uploading it to SignNow.

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                          u0999 Premier Contributor

                          Used to have signnow about $33 a year. Now I do not even use it as i have ownerrez.com that has integrated in check out flow as well as stand alone e sign feture and runs me $20 /mo for 2 properties. and that includes everything from calendars, syncing , automated emails etc

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                            Active Contributor

                            I love SignNow.

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                              scowol Active Contributor

                              I use RightSignature.  Citrix RightSignature: e-Signature Software, Get Documents Signed Quickly


                              Once the template is created, I don't have to fuss around with it for future bookings.  I just click send and it has all the features on your list.  I like that it also auto-populates the guest's name into the contract.  


                              This is more of a robust e-signature program by Citrix, so it's not the cheapest on the block.

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                                laurie_l Contributor

                                For all of you out there using an e-sign program. Perhaps this is a silly question, but I'm assuming you need to email a guest away from the HA website in order to have them sign, correct? Thanks!

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                                    timthek Active Contributor

                                    That is correct. Once you've accepted the booking you get access to the guest's email and phone number. I then contact them directly and ask them for the name, address, email and phone number for the rental agreement. I put all that in my agreement, upload it to DocuSign, mark the spots on the form for initials and signature, and send it. I set the signing order so that my guest signs first, then it prompts me to sign. Once both parties have signed, a finalized agreement is automatically emailed to both parties. Since I am also on alternative payments (pay by check) at the same time I also send them an invoice with payment instructions. I use Wave Accounting which is free, online accounting software that does quotes, invoices and can process CC or eCheck payments. It links to your bank account and imports all your transactions, and all your payments are deposited directly into your bank. I really like it, although page load times are quite slow. But, it is free and I only use it once or twice a week or so the page times don't bother me that much. www.waveapps.com

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                                    sandpiper229 New Member

                                    Iʻve used DocuSign for the past 3 years with excellent results. Once I fill in my contract template on Word, I send a pdf to Docusign, and it takes about 2 minutes to enter all pertinent info and send to guest. I love using it.

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                                      green_mango Active Contributor

                                      I use Digisigner and upgrade monthly as needed when I go over the 3 free per month.  Low cost and it does what you're asking.  Guests can "add text" to fill in their contact info and guest list, then can initial each page & sign last (or wherever you'd like).  I customize the contracts myself (with cost info etc) in word, then save as a PDF and upload the PDF.  I get an email when it's been signed - can be signed by multiple users.    Hello Sign is another popular one.

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                                        twomoreyears Senior Contributor

                                        We use DocuSign.  My day-job company (Fortune 500) sales people used DocuSign, so I figured it was a solid choice.  What I LOVE about it is - they let me know when the guest views the contract, not just when they sign it.

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                                          floridarob Active Contributor

                                          With respect to everyone, I think that using any kind of online document signer or PDF file transfer is the completely wrong approach to this.


                                          I wrote up a response with more information about why I say this, but decided that it was too disruptive to this thread, so I created a new thread to make my point. Please check it out.