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    Emotional support animal update

    twomoreyears Senior Contributor

      All - I know there has been a lively discussion on pets vs service and emotional support animals.  Here's an update y'all might find interesting - heard a mention of it on "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me" this morning.  Apparently the airlines are getting tired of the fake emotional support animals.



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          ponokai Contributor

          Yes, I agree. The majority of people with emotional support animals are abusing the system. I'm also tired of their animals in restaurants. Many of them talk freely about how they just went online and bought a certificate and how easy it is to get. It's about time that some type of formal standardisation is developed. Even landlords can't turn away people with emotional support animals. Unbelievable, how far this has com.

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            ohst8er Senior Contributor

            I have an emotional support pterodactyl that travels with me.  They are somewhat hard to train, but the good news is if they happen accidentally go potty on the plane no one really notices.

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              kand325 Active Contributor

              Have you seen Airbnb's updated policy on "assistance" animals.  They include assistance animals as both service dogs and emotional support animals.  They are now telling travelers they do not need to disclose this to the owner when booking.  Below is directly from their site:


              Do guests have to disclose the presence of an assistance animal before booking?

              No. While guests are not required to disclose the presence of an assistance animal before booking, we always encourage transparent communication to ensure a smooth experience for all.

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                ohst8er Senior Contributor

                Here's my beef... This is not a business for us, this is our home.  We don't make a profit, nor are we trying to.  Our rentals pay our expenses and enough money to maintain our condo.  The condo is a future investment for our retirement.  I would happily invite a blind person with a seeing eye dog into my home.  An emotional support pig or turkey, no thanks.  I would not encourage a blind person to stay in our condo, way too many stairs at the entrance and I would be concerned for their safety. 


                We also have allergies in our family.  For this reason we choose to NOT stay at hotels that allow pets, because hotels do not have pet friendly floors/no pet floors.  My kids can tell when there have been animals, especially cats, in a home.  We had to rip up the carpet in the basement our current house because the kids could not breathe due to cat dander.  We did not know the previous owners even HAD cats till we moved in and found a bag of litter in a closet, but my kids sure knew, they were sneezing their heads off and rubbing their eyes.  What we found when we took the carpet up was marking in the corners.  Thank goodness it was a concrete floor and not subfloor. 


                I should not have to be forced to allow animals in my house just because someone is willing to pay me $$.

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                  u0999 Premier Contributor

                  Maybe I what I will say will sound "cruel " to some. To me it is "common sense". Yes, bringing so called "emotional support" animals on board (and other places) is out of control. And IMO, if one is in such poor emotional /mental state, I wonder how they can take care of animal to begin with? Maybe if they are really better off staying put and taking care of their health needs, seeing specialist/doctor instead of taking anxiety inducing flight somewhere.... Don't tell me they are ALL flying to have treatment or surgery away from home - I am pretty sure those are minority of cases.


                  Whatever happened to the idea that "your rights end where mine begin"? Why is that the entire crew, other passengers etc have to be inconvenienced by ONE person who is (supposedly) in need of an animal? Don't other passengers (and crew)  have rights too?   Why is that one persons needs (or maybe just wants - I am sure there are plenty of people who abuse "emotional support animal" designation in order to bring their pet) - trump the needs and wants of other people?


                  P.S. I am an animal lover myself, nothing against animals per se

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                    ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

                    My spouse is my emotional support animal when I am flying.  Will the airline continue to charge me for his seat? 


                    Service animals are wonderful.  Emotional support animals -- I think it has gone a bit too far.  I allow pets in my VR, but I will continue to require a pet fee as this pays for extra cleaning, bug bombing and the removal of 'debris' from the yard.