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    Book it Email went to Spam Folder

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      I am sure this is somewhere else but all the threads seem to change spam to scam when I read and I never find a solution.  I use Reservation Manager religiously!  I replied to a inquiry thru RM and the guest replied back a few days later he wanted to book.  I have recently decided to ask for a signed rental contract as well as the BookIt function where I also upload the contract.  He was my first guest to require both.  He scanned the contract and I received it the next morning but no receipt from HA.  I emailed him to explain he should have received an email that contained the payment method.  He said he never rec'd it. I was ready to resend and viola!! he emailed that it had gone to his SPAM folder!  Is this due to all the emails a guests receives due to the 'you may also like' and they send an inquiry to all??  I have had 2 other guests not pay this season.  I thought they probably got a better offer and just didn't get back to me.  Now I am wondering if the same thing happened to them.  I have sinced cancelled the payment requests for those and the dates have past so I will never know.  Has anyone ran across this issue and what besides send an email from your personal account is the solution?  I really like RM but I cannot worry if every guests receives my response.  I do not want to start doing both - I think that may cause more confussion to the 'security trust' that HA has placed on the guest.

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          To be quite honest with you I have never had a problem with RM and like it very much.  I also use RightSignature to make it a complete no hassle (for me at least) process.

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            Hi 2barefeet!


            I also use ReservationManager for all my bookings and I have not had anyone's payment request go to a spam folder. Nevertheless, here's what I do: during my communications with the guest, I tell them that I am sending them a payment request via email.  I tell them the subject line will say "payment request for HomeAway property XXXXXX".  I let them know that it only takes me a few minutes to prepare the request and to upload the rental agreement and if they do not receive the request within the hour to please check their spam folder.


            Just let people know that you are sending a payment request within a certain time frame and if they don't receive it to check their spam folder.  No need to send additional emails, just include it in your communications.


            Hope this helps!