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    Asking for discounts

    stjvilla Active Contributor

      Just got this inquiry (probably mass): "We are looking to visit for our 10 year wedding anniversary. Our lodging budget is $1000. Is that a price you would consider? Thank you!"  It suddenly occured to us that this is only the first or second time this year we have heard this.  Last year we got lots!


      Have any of you found there are fewer requests for discounts this year?  Or not?


      It's funny they tell you why they are visiting as if that will make us say, "Awww, their 10th anniversary - let's give them a $700 discount on a week's stay!"  Our response was to quote them our usual summer, 2-person already discounted rate.  Don't expect to hear back.

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          wiffle Contributor

          Yep, thankfully we haven't had discount seekers either this year. Last year was apparently the year for flakes and bargain seekers.

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              I had one. He called and wanted to rent for the whole month of October (which is the most beautiful month in Maine) for 1/4 of the asking price. I told him to send me an email and I would think about reducing the price a bit for the whole month. Never heard from him again.

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                  Like you I used to get a lot of those requests, only a couple this year. What I did a few years ago was to keep the weeks open even when I had them booked to see how many inquiries I got for each week. The weeks that got little requests I would work with somebody who asked for a discount. The other weeks that got a lot of action I wouldn't budge. One thing with short term, weekly or daily , rentals is once you lose the time you can't get it back so on the tough weeks I'd rather make something then nothing. One thing I had go my way was our mailman would vacation during our most unrequested week. I gave him a $450. discount, he loved the place and rebooks the place for the same time ever year. Works for both of us.

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                iopbeachhouse Community All-Star

                Same here...I've only had one this year and we had a lot last year. I thought it was just us since we were new and had no reviews. Now we have many reviews and lots of time booked on our calendar so I figured they knew we weren't desperate!