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    Fees after checkout?

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      I haven't really had to withhold any deposit money up until now from my renters.  I've been pretty lucky with my guests so far.  I don't want to seem nitpicky, but I also don't want to eat the charges either.  Having locks re-keyed after loss of keys was a no-brainer, but what about this:


      We just had guests who checked out over an hour late.  Our contract and condo instructions both outline the requirements for checking out, and no late check out is permitted.  My housekeeper arrived 40 minutes after checkout time, and they were still there.  She told the family she needed to clean the condo for the next guests, and they said they needed 20 more minutes.  After they finally left, the place was left a mess, the garbage was not removed from the unit as was instructed, the garbage and recylcing had not been brought to the curb on the designated day, as required by contract, and the guide to the refrigerator crisper drawers was broken and was not communicated to us.  It was not broken prior to their arrival. 


      The part costs $11, so I wasn't concerned about that.  I pay someone to clean my condo and she didn't charge me extra, but she needed to call someone to help her clean.  There was also excess garbage that the next renter had to drag out to the curb on trash day.  At what point do you charge when your rental agreement has been disregarded?  or do you just have to let it go?

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          It is soooo hard to resist levying fees as punitive damage for disregarding the rules, basic care of the home etc but it's best to not charge them anything unless it's a cost that you are incurring.  i.e. additional cleaning fees charged to you by your cleaner, that is something I would pass on.  Rekeying the locks, that costs you so you pass it on.  Being upset that they caused your next renters grief by having to drag their recycling or trash to the curb doesn't cost you so you should probably just apologize to the new renters, let them know the last renters were disrespectful and leave it at that.  Just don't rent to them again.


          Alternatively, if you do charge them, you could create a new enemy that will use reviews and word of mouth as weapons against you.




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              Bac, so sorry you had to deal with THAT type of renter.  They're not the norm, but when it happens it can sure get our blood pressure up. Some folk just don't think the rules apply to them, and some are just pigs.


              I'm with Rick. You have to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em.


              What I DO charge against the Damage Deposit.

              Broken appliances, or appliance repair that costs over $50.00;

              Excessive cleaning fees (our contract clearly states that this will be cause to with hold the money we have to pay extra to our housekeeper);

              Damage to linens and furnishings that cannot be remedied by normal laundering (towels, sheets get worn, so I don't charge for that, but ruined duvets, & big ticket items - you bet I charge);

              Broken furnishings - includes not just furniture , but lamps, bed frames (YEP--had it happen) , etc.

              Structural Damage: broken windows, etc.


              In my kitchen there is a Damage Deposit Explaination outlining it all. It also asks guests to let me know if small things like dishes, etc. get broken.  I ask them to please let me know if something gets damaged so things will be available for our next guests. If they do not, they can be charged for breakage (never had to do this since I posted the instructions) . Most folk are really good about this.


              Trash removal:. Maybe you could offer a small perk to your next guests for having to haul out the last, less respectful guests' trash- like a small gift card. ( I keep a stash of $25 Visa gift cards  that I send to any guest who's encountered a small problem during their stay)


              Late check out: I changed my contract to state: " Check Out time is 11:00am. There is a $50.00 per hour penalty if not adhered to. Exemptions are ONLY made with prior approval by Owner, and requests must be made 24 hours before Check Out time". 


              Hope this helps and that you have many more GREAT renters in your future!


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              Realizing this is an older post but my annoyance is dirctly related........so I aplogize in advance for reserecting the topic but I think this fits in........


              We have laws required by the municipality regarding recycling, organic separation and garbage. It is budensome for our guests but we have made it easy as possible by supplying expensive and good looking stainless Simplehuman organic bins and compartmentalized trash cans for garbage and recyclables. By the time the guest has arrived they have received our trash instructions in 1) the rental agreement, 2) the Welcome Guide, and 3) it is posted on the refrigerator door. In addition when they pay the security deposit they are reminded that 4) non-adherence to the rental agreement including not separating the garbage will result in an extra fee taken out of their security deposit. 


              These guests will be paying an additional cleaning fee for non adherence as my cleaning crew is separating all the trash by hand and giving me the bill. These 6 gals must be happy to have someone else deal with their  trash.....I hope so as it will cost them a bit. Notice the tissue box and the yogurt container on the top, both recyclables. I have never seen so much trash and they only stayed for 3 nights. Sigh.......


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                I can refer everyone to 2 "related" threads... owners has different experiences and the rules etc. may differ (especially in different countries!)... maybe not relevant but some interesting posts...


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