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        jaydee612 thanks for the info and answers to some of the questions. There still seems to be a bunch of confusion with the guest score process and with this being a new feature for HA, homeowners and guests should be better informed by HA.  I can see guests who have booked via HA getting upset when they find out they are being scored without prior knowledge or being asked to opt in. They are going to ask the homeowner questions about the process and if they are not able to answer any questions then it could make them even more upset. With all the changes that HA has made, the last thing anyone needs is another upset guest.


        Please post any updates you receive about this and if anyone does get to score a guest please post your feedback and screenshots if possible.



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          twomoreyears Senior Contributor

          Absolutely fair points. I have a fly-to location with a housekeeper, so my pots and pans don't go missing. And my VR will be our retirement home in a few years, so I have it outfitted as I want to have it, not the way i might do it if it were just a rental or if there were a lot more years before I retire.

          The best of luck, whatever you decide!

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            u0999 Premier Contributor

            We are in very much a drive in destination, and popular with group/family gatherings. It will be our retirement house also, but by then, I am sure I will have a changeover of appliances, curtains, cookware, dishes, and other stuff, things like pots and pans don't last more than a year anyhow. Usually less.

            I love gas ranges , but since we have propane, AND because I cannot trust renters with a gas appliance, we have made provisions for future gas range connection that is capped for now and we have electric range for rental use.

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              I didn't realize this would be such a lively discussion.  It shows how many different perspectives there are and what you can learn from others.  My perspective is colored by incredibly nice renters who each pay a $69 property damage payment in lieu of security deposit and the worst damage they ever cause is a broken screen door.   I'm grateful for their custom and highly sensitive to the fact that feedback can be viewed the wrong way. Others here have put out cogent arguments for why this would be beneficial.  In sum, I probably won't be putting out a rating unless a renter asks me to put one out for them because it would be helpful to them.  This is the same thing that I do in asking renters to provide a review on me.  Thanks for your contributions to what is evidently "not the dumbest thing ever".

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                tleavitt  You bring up a good point about providing a score...'I probably won't be putting out a rating unless a renter asks me to put one out for them because it would be helpful to them'. How is the guest having a good score going to help them? Guest are encouraged to write a good reviews about their stay because it helps owners attract future guests. So what is the benefit to the guest for an owner to score them?

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                  panda Contributor



                  You might like to know what I just found out from Support. The lady I talked to said that once we rate our guest, the guest in turn will get an email with the rating. So if they were in fact lousy guests, they will get an email letting them know YOU rated them that way.  The gal said that at this time the rating is NOT ATTACHED  to the guest account and they don't know at this point how it will all pan out. This makes me think that it's not a good idea to submit any ratings as what that amounts to is taking a stick and poking a snake--it's going to bite back in the form of a negative review on you.  Hope this was helpful.

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                    panda Contributor

                    By the way, I've had the last three guests violate my agreement by checking out late; doubling the amount of people agreed to; and another decided to include extra guests too.   There should be a rating system where owners can rate the guests, but the one they now have has the potential to cause rated guests to lash back at us.

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                      susaninrehoboth Premier Contributor

                      As I understand the system, both guest and owner/PM have two weeks to post a review. During that time, neither party can see the other's review. If that's true, I see it as a huge benefit. Perhaps if the guest knows they will be rated, the will be sure to follow the house rules. Yes, I know someone else from the group an rent the next time. It's a start. Something many owners have requested for years. I'd prefer that there was space to write a few lines but this is a giant step. I don't think it replaces interaction until contract signed, At least it's something, after years of requesting guest reviews.

                      It's far from perfect. I don't think 2 weeks is enough but if that's what it takes to keep guests from being able to retaliate, so be it. I know guest can post bad review on other sites .


                      As an owner, I welcome the chance to rate my guests and I welcome honest feedback from other owners.

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                        Active Contributor

                        A guest can do that now. We have no way to rate a guest. Maybe H/A should look at some of these ideas and change their rating system. If a guest destroyed your property they have no intention of leaving you a good review anyway. What would the leave: " Great owners. We used every closet for our toilet and they never complained. We recommend renting this house cause they let you tear the crap out of it".

                        Maybe instead of NO guest rating H/A makes it so owners only see it. Been suggested before.

                        Look at what u0999 posted. The picture of a broken stove, bed with spilled wine, broken fence. Do you think these people left a glowing review. " Hey great place we were drinking wine in bed and dumped a whole bottle and they never complained about it. I will be back to destroy some more"


                        We need a rating system for owners view ONLY.

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                          Sounds like you're talking about a guest score/review site that is independent of any booking site.

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                            u0999 Premier Contributor

                            What are you so afraid of? A bad review? I think a bad review WILL happen sooner or later, no matter WHAT you do or don't do, because some people will use a bad review to cover their tracks when they did something wrong, or they will use a bad review because you did not rent them your $400/night property for $40/night.

                            For example, right now I am pretty sure that my current renter in my 3bd cabin screwed up my HVAC. They caused "freezing coil fault" on the VERY 1st night of their arrival by trying to run heat and cool at the same time. You cannot do that on a zoned unit.  We have WIFI thermostats, and we usually can "undo" the most blatant things they are doing to the HVAC. However now I think they have gone into the programming menus and disconnected the WIFI link. THAT is not a simple thing to reconnect as it requires a separate HVAC router reset and will likely cost me $$$ to have someone go there and do it - the cleaning lady simply would not know how. In the worst case scenario the HVAC may be tripped and I may not know it because there is no WIFI link. So am I supposed to bend over backwards and kiss such renters rear? This is all in the RA they signed NOT to do these things to HVAC, and on color instruction posters next to thermostats. and yet they still %$^& with it. yes some things come with territory, I would never give anyone bad review over broken cups or crumbs left behind or a lost washcloth. But causing potentially hundreds in damage when there are EXPLICIT instructions plastered all over the place how to operate the system, I am sorry, is not acceptable. and I do WANT to give such renters bad review, and I do not want them back, and I am sure neither would most owners. My place is not Motel 6. Sorry for the rant.

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                              Active Contributor

                              I agree we need something and as always the way it should be is " if you don't want to participate in guest reviews you don't have to" That should come straight from H/A.


                              we might get a bad review. The odds are that if a guest does some damage to your property they are not going to leave you any review let alone a good one.

                              I think the reviews should be closed to the traveler and for owner view only. BUT the traveler should be made aware that these review exist.


                              If you have a destructive guest at your place do you think I want them coming down the road to rent my place because they know you can't tell me what they did?

                              Answer is: Heck no. I want to know who and what they did.

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                                u0999 Premier Contributor

                                It is already optional. Those owners who do not want to review the guests do not have to. THale answered that question already.

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                                  Maybe I misunderstood the part about seeing each others reviews.  I still don't know if "submitted" means published on the site, or the reviews are viewed in emails sent from HA/VRBO.  My main concern is that if we don't participate that we will not be able to get reviews from guests.  Therefore,  the inclination would be to give 5 star reviews so other guests would not think we would give them a bad review.


                                  I make a note when a guest is not a desirable guest by flagging them in my notes; DNR [Do Not Rebook].  This just seems like a bad idea whether I totally understand how it will unfold or not.

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                                    u0999 Premier Contributor

                                    No, I think what it means that it will be held for 14 days, and then released and posted, whether you submitted your own review or not.

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