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    Credit card payments

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      Hi Everyone,


      We’re looking at accepting credit card payments through our villa’s website and was hoping someone could offer some advice in regards to the following issue. When we look at setting up a payment gateway and merchant account we are asked for business details such as a VAT number (for UK based credit card payment providers) or a Tax ID/Proprietor Social Security Number (for US based credit card payment providers). We have neither of these details as we are not a registered company.


      Does anyone know of a way to accept credit card payments without these details? We know PayPal is an option but we were looking to see if it was possible to accept credit cards with the use of a merchant account.


      Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

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          If you are using HomeAway for your listing, you can also use HomeAway's payment system, which handles all the credit card processing for you.  Their credit card fee is smaller than what I used to be paying to my bank for processing when I was handling it myself.  And guests get the reasurrance that they are dealing with the real owner of the house, the one who has paid HomeAway for the listing.

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            Won't PayPal let you set up a merchant or premium account from your current bank account?  Either can take credit card payments and I don't think they both require business checking accounts, though we have both.  Also, look into other Web and smartphone-based apps and services such as Venmo, Cimbal, PayPal "Here", Intuit"GoPayment", etc. until Reservation Manager is available in your area.  Some of these even allow free person-to-person credit card transactions without a business account.  Try calling VacationRentPayment directly too.